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The Ultimate Guide on Amazon PPC Advertising

by Stella Sharon
Benefits of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has evolved into a highly effective method of marketing through Amazon. The use of Amazon PPC ads enables sellers and vendors to purchase visibility for their goods on Amazon’s results page for searches.

However, the number of businesses that are utilizing Amazon PPC’s capabilities is growing substantially year after year. If you don’t have an established Amazon PPC strategy in place it can be difficult to reach your goals for advertising on Amazon.

What Is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an advertising model that allows advertisers to pay an amount to Amazon whenever a customer clicks their ads (pay-per-click). 

There are three Amazon ads available: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. This is the fresh and improved version of the previous Product Display ads – PDAs.

Amazon Sponsored product ads are Keyword and ASIN-targeted advertisements like Google Adwords, enabling advertisers to promote specific products in Amazon results for searches and on the product’s detail pages. Sponsored Products are among the most popular advertisements on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Brands:

Advertising for building brand awareness which allows brands to advertise an individual headline, logo as well as up to 3 items in their ads in the top spot in Amazon results (and other locations) as well as the capability to direct customers directly to the Amazon Stores site or a customized site on Amazon. Also, new are video ads that connect to detail pages for products

Amazon Sponsored Display ads

Advertisements that direct customers to Amazon product pages. They show relevant ads on Amazon as well as on other websites to those either visiting or browsing (remarketing) certain products on Amazon.

Learn more about amazon sponsored display ads here.

Who can benefit from Amazon PPC ads?

Sellers and vendors can both use Amazon PPC ads (however sellers are required to join the Amazon Brand Registry). Who are sellers and vendors?

Sellers (sometimes called third-party sellers) sell their goods directly through Amazon customers. Vendors (sometimes called “first-party sellers”) sell their goods directly to Amazon in bulk, after which Amazon sells the products directly to customers. 

Amazon PPC ads can be utilized for both FBA as well as FBM products.

Is Amazon PPC Worth It?

A well-planned Amazon PPC advertising campaigns help to increase sales, boost the organic rank of your site and help build brand awareness. If you’re using Amazon as a platform for selling but not as an advertising platform, you’re likely to miss a significant potential.

Why should I consider Amazon PPC?

When compared to other channels for advertising, Amazon PPC is generally extremely effective since it permits the user to contact shoppers who are on the same platform that they make their purchase, i.e. on Amazon. 

Amazon PPC allows you to promote your business through highly visible ads on Amazon.

With Amazon PPC is a great way to select between a variety of Amazon ads based on your needs You can also manage and easily define and adjust your spending, as well you’re capable of evaluating the performance of your ads by analyzing a range of in-depth reports.

Amazon advertising provides a variety of targeted methods ranging from keywords to categories brands, and even products (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) and the ability to remarket on external websites to ensure your advertisement will reach the intended people.

What are the Amazon advertisements’ prices and fees?

Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands as well as Sponsored Display ads are bought on a cost-per-click basis. This is to say that Amazon advertisements will be displayed free of charge. Views, as well as impressions, are completely free.

The ads you pay for solely when the potential client clicks on your ad. You are in charge of the amount you’re willing to pay per click, and that’s the amount you pay for advertisements.

Do you think Amazon ads improve organic rankings for my FBA as well as FBM products?

Yes, it is. In contrast to Google Adwords, Amazon pay-per-click sales have an impact on the organic rank of a product on Amazon. Thus, more sales made through Amazon PPC ads will have an impact on the rank of organic search results for an FBA and FBM product.

This is particularly important when it comes to new products. The new products typically do not have a historical sales record, and thus performance data is not available, which negatively impacts organic rankings. 

Amazon PPC can change that by driving customers directly to the FBA or FBM listing on Amazon and thus increasing sales and producing reviews to increase conversions

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