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The rise of Instagram Shopping

by amliyabenz990

Instagram’s frequent novelty events result in constant  (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) surprises for the app. The app with 1 billion active users every month in 2021 is always innovating to increase the trust of its users and maintain its position among the top 10 most popular social media apps.

This Hivency Influencer Marketing Platform offers you a summary of five trends and ways to utilize Instagram this year to improve your marketing strategies for influencers.

 Social Commerce

If there’s one trend to be aware of from 2021 to Instagram the trend is social commerce. Social networks are in the process of becoming central retail channels for consumers. And just a few months ago, Instagram introduced an online store feature.

Whatever field you’re in whatever your business is, the Instagram Store can be a great way to display your product and get your message to your customers fast. According to Instagram stats, “Stores are an immersive, full-screen virtual storefront that allows businesses to develop their brand message and encourage the discovery of their products, all within a native shopping experience.”. Therefore, brands can highlight their products that are in stock in their Instagram posts to aid customers in the buying process.

In the context of an influencer-based marketing strategy, the company can advertise its online store through influencers. In this kind of marketing micro and nano-influencers are extremely effective as they allow you to divide messages based on the location, audience, or age group. Once you have tested your products, an influencer can be able to share their thoughts through articles or stories that will direct followers to your company’s account and, consequently, to your shop.

It’s good to know that it is now possible for certain influential influencers from the All-Star list (i.e. celebrities) to include tags on products with a redirection towards the Instagram shop in their collaboration posts, directly paired with their brand of products. To know more about Instagram visit comprarseguidoresreaisportugal 

Live Shopping on Instagram

Since the start of 2020 Lives are on the rise on Instagram Challenges and shows, conferences, and conversations… The influencers, brands, and the brand have come up with a myriad of ways to delight Instagram users.

What do you know about Live Shopping on Instagram? It is a feature on Instagram that lets you purchase directly from an Instagram Live video. Content creators and brands alike can add their product’s tags during the live broadcast which allows viewers to purchase or sign up for products they are interested in. Instagram Live shoppers can also highlight a specific item or show up to 30 items. A great way for brands is to work with influencers to promote their products.

Instagram guides Stories in the spotlight

“Instagram Guides” feature “Instagram Guides” feature has been in use since November of 2020. The Instagram Guides layout is very similar to blogs and is yet to be utilized to its fullest potential by brands when they launch their marketing campaigns with influencers. Guides let you group within a single area a variety of Instagram posts. They usually follow a similar subject.

Presently, there are three kinds of guides:

Locations suggest locations that are in line with the universe of the brand or relation to its primary customers;

* Products: using this kind of guide brands can promote the products that are listed on their online store and also list the categories by theme

* Posts that are grouped with the same theme. For instance, a beauty company could design a thorough skincare routine within Guides by grouping posts that showcase the products they sell. Fashion brands could develop a Guide that includes gift ideas. Each brand could create an assortment of blog posts made through influential bloggers.

If you’ve collaborated with the influencers of Instagram for quite a while and even invited ambassadors, opportunities are revealed through guides. It is possible to invite your ambassadors to make an Instagram Guide based on posts they created together with you. To be more imaginative You could consider incorporating the content of one of your products into another Guide. The possibilities are endless using this function. It’s all you have to do is offer your influencers the option of being imaginative using your product (or the brand you represent) to make impactful content, built on the idea of storytelling.


In addition to your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram Do not overlook other channels or features which aren’t as trendy currently, such as blogs. In fact, in addition to Instagram blogs, the blog format has always been and is a good bet. Influencers can better explain the products or services you offer and have tested previously and can help you increase your credibility, get real reviews, and increase sales. In addition, the influencer generally promotes their posts on their own Instagram account. Overall, an effective combination!

Instagram Stories as well as Reels Instagram Stories and Reels

Reels are an essential feature on the side of influencers and companies need to make this feature their own in 2021. The feature was developed by Instagram to rival TikTok This feature swiftly became popular in the app. Why was it popular? It’s because the short format (30 seconds max) is appealing to people who use social media and lets them use their imagination.

For a company, the primary benefit is that it can uniquely showcase its products using music, and then showcase them through the storyline drawn by influencers it collaborates with. The Reels tool allows shopping to be easier since influencers can tag the products of the brand on their blogs and redirect traffic to the online store. It’s a great method to increase sales, gain followers and increase recognition. Furthermore, Reels remain in the feed for a lengthy period and you can download the video directly to your mobile. This ease of use speeds the creation of content.


Reels are currently mainly employed by companies to showcase products and to share their opinions (to increase transparency, specifically) However, other actions could be planned or conceived as sharing the workings behind the company, presenting employees, launching new challenges as well as sharing educational content consumer reviews as well as other. You could also ask people who create content to assist you in coming up with suggestions for steps to take.

In the form of a video, Stories will remain a favorite among companies for their partnerships with influential people. Feed posts are getting less and less popular since Stories are a way to present information more engagingly. Stories can provide more information about the product and gather marketing information from followers of influencers particularly through question stickers and surveys. Conversations among Internet people are encouraged. in the present, contests are made easier through Stories.

Instagram Dashboard is a revolutionary tool for professionals as well as content creators

With the primary goal of allowing brands, professionals, and influencers to monitor and evaluate how they perform on their Instagram accounts, Instagram has just announced the launch of an analytics dashboard. The users will have the ability to access all information about them, as well as find a section devoted to badges and one for content for brands and monetization capabilities. Instagram will also provide them with access to specific information designed to assist users in using the social media platform by providing tutorials and other resources… For anyone, whether for influencers or brands, Instagram’s dashboard Instagram dashboard will assist in ensuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns and help identify areas of improvement.
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The social media platform is not done astonishing us and some exciting developments will certainly appear in the news as did the one that was announced by Adam Mosseri, which is the possibility of live shows that include multiple people. It is a chance to connect your loyal influencers, followers as well as customers. Keep an eye on it!


There are now all the tools to increase the impact of your marketing via influencers into 2021, thanks to these 5 new Instagram features. If you want to go even further and locate the best influencers for your campaign You can make use of micro-influencer platforms such as Givenchy. Through Hivency’s smart Matching feature, you’ll get lists of profiles pre-filtered to match your target audience without the need to hunt for them. Support tailored to your needs will also be available to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns involving influencers both in terms of operational and strategic.

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