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The Power Of Signs: How To Create One That Can Sell A Property?

by eada

Are you looking to sell your property? Are you worried about getting customers attracted to your premises? You are not alone in this. Many people face a similar issue while selling land or property. It is not just limited to owners but also to brokers whose business involves dealing with real estate. In the long-lost era, putting up a lease board in front of the house was a perfect way of advertising. As times are changing, relying on a simple board is not enough. This outdated yet modern marketing technique can be beneficial if modified according to current generational demands. This is where estate signage comes into the picture because they serve the purpose of creating awareness about the place you are planning to sell or rent.

 Essential elements to remember while designing an estate signboard

To create a successful deal, you need to be visible to the potential customers first. A sign can do your work here to increase visibility and spread the word about your property to passers-by. It is a physical indication that proves that your real estate is listed on the market. Designing a real estate sign can be challenging. Fitting all essential data about the property in a pleasant and aesthetic way is not everyone’s cup of tea. For this, you must contact a service provider that creates signs, especially the real estate ones. Does this make you clueless about finding a signwriter for the same? Real estate signboards from Inkline print and signs can do your work. This firm has an experience of 30 years in the field of printing and creating unique real estate boards. They cater to your needs by serving signage that is good in quality and at pocket-friendly rates. Their technical team of experts can help you get a sign for any purpose. Provide them with all the information, and they will curate the right sign for you. Below are some necessary points to remember if you are planning to customise it on your own:


If you are a broker or a real estate company holder, adding your logo to the board can get more customers. This will help the potential clients know about your business and act as a medium for others to connect with the brand. People can quickly recognise your brand when purchasing or renting a space.


It is the most crucial determinant to consider while designing a signboard. Anything difficult to read will not be impactful. This implies lacing your board with spaces so that it can be read in no time. Avoid adding too much information. Before designing, create a concise list of items you want on the board. Prioritise the ones that will communicate with the audience easily and instantly. Also, pay attention to the fonts you are using!


The colour choices have the power to make or break the signage. Poor decisions can lead to an obnoxious look and not interest the reader. On the other hand, bright and vibrant colours will help your signage stand out from the rest. Pairing and contrasting shades will also help your sign to pop up. Consider the ones that will work the best during both day and night.

Highlighting special features 

Every property is unique. While selling or renting, it is vital to share some information about the place with the buyers. For instance, if your leasing property has features like a covered garage, a backyard, front yard, good interiors, and so on — you must add it on the signage to make it visual for the interested person.

Personal touch

Sometimes, your signboard may not be outside the property. It can be on streets, junctions, roads, or malls. Therefore, you need to add your personal details like name, number, email id, and address so that those willing to purchase can contact you.

Now that you know the key features of designing real-estate signage, creating one will not be hard. It is the most valuable tool in advertising. They leave a strong impression by compelling the purchaser to consider the property. Could we make you aware of the benefits signage can give? A lot more than you can imagine!

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