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The Journey to become the CEO of Walton – Golam Murshed

by golammurshed

You may have heard a version of the tale of how a small-time employee rose through the ranks to become the CEO of a well-known corporation. These kinds of stories are common in other countries. Joining a reputable group of industry in Bangladesh as an engineer and rising through the ranks to become the managing director of a section of that company in only ten years is a rare occurrence.


Golam Murshed, an inventive and dynamic young business leader, leads Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited. He has worked at Walton in a number of positions for more than a decade. He is widely considered as the world’s youngest managing director in the electronics industry. Murshed’s expertise in company management, business strategies, strategic supervision, corporate governance, sales development, public relations, cost management, and project management helped Walton become an unstoppable force in the local and global commercial sector.

Contribution of CEO in the success of a company

We’ve all heard that operating a huge corporation is one of the most difficult professions on the planet. Effective CEOs, on the other hand, perceive their tasks in more simpler terms and believe this simplification to be a key component of their success. The CEO is responsible for managing the formulation and execution of long-term strategy with the objective of generating shareholder value, in addition to the general performance of an organization or firm.

The functions and responsibilities of a chief executive officer do not have a defined list. The following are typical CEO responsibilities, tasks, and job descriptions:

  • Communicating with shareholders, government agencies, and the general public on behalf of the firm.
  • Leading the company’s short- and long-term strategy development
  • Creating and implementing the vision and mission of the firm or organization.
  • Observing and evaluating the work of other firm executives, such as directors, vice presidents, and presidents.
  • Maintaining a thorough understanding of the competitive market landscape, expansion potential, and industry advancements, among other things.
  • Assuring that the corporation maintains a high level of social responsibility in all of its operations.
  • Assessing the company’s risks and ensuring that they are tracked and mitigated.
  • Establishing strategic objectives and ensuring that they are quantifiable and definable.

Role of a responsible CEO for the growth and development of a company

In today’s highly competitive business environment, running a firm is incredibly challenging. Globalized business settings, the information revolution, new forms of competition, ever-demanding consumers, rapidly expanding technology, and fluctuations in economic activity all bring opportunities and challenges. In order to capitalize on chances and transform impediments into opportunities, CEOs who lead the company forward should have the following characteristics.


  • Boldness and tenacity are essential qualities for a successful CEO. There may be some initial failures and setbacks. He must not allow them to take away from his focus and attention. To be successful, one must be patient and perseverant in dealing with all problems and hurdles.
  • He can’t wait for things to happen. He must grasp opportunities when they present themselves and transform them into successful businesses. He must make decisions swiftly since any delay on his part would aid his opponent. Getting to market fast is crucial in today’s highly competitive business environment.
  • He has to be a strategic thinker who is aware of current events, sees emerging opportunities, and takes advantage of them.
  • Corruption and dishonest business practices will not help a company prosper in the long term. As a result, he must be truthful in his dealings.
  • The future is marked by uncertainty and change. To be successful, he must be able to forecast future market trends. This would allow him to adapt his company to changing trends or create new operations to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • He should be able to provide his employees the right guidance and advise, as well as motivate them to improve their performance. The quality of a company’s leadership is important to its long-term success.
  • Every commercial endeavor entails risk and uncertainty. Profits aren’t assured, and there’s always the possibility of losing money. On the other hand, the adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained” holds true. As a result, he must be able to take calculated risks by assessing a variety of business opportunities as well as the related risk and reward.

Golam Murshed is a Bangladeshi CEO who has had a lot of success. He not only boasts all of the aforementioned qualities, but he also has a proclivity for properly sustaining the company’s overall growth.

Golam Murshed’s ascension as CEO

Golam Murshed started working as an Assistant Engineer in the Air Conditioner Research and Development (R&D) department at Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited on December 20, 2010. He began showcasing his active leadership soon after, as the production unit’s incharge. This was the foundation of Murshed’s ascension to the top of Bangladesh’s electronic colossus. Murshed’s capacity to lead the manufacturing team was uncovered by the Walton authorities.

Walton AC was the first to handle an item of merchandise. After working in AC production for almost two years, he switched into refrigerator manufacture with the approval of the authorities since the refrigerator production procedures looked to him to be lively at the time.

He was apprehensive to take over the most important and advanced line of refrigerator production because he anticipated bigger challenges. The obstacles were significant, but Murshed overcame them thanks to his energetic leadership, and productivity at the refrigerator manufacturing facility virtually doubled in a year after he took over that line. While working on the freezer production line, Murshed was handed responsibility for business operations by Walton HiTech Industries Limited’s then managing director.

He made another bold move three years later when he was designated Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Walton’s refrigerator segment. Golam Murshed was named Managing Director and CEO of the leading electronics products manufacturer on October 8, 2020. He has always dreamed to technologically modernize Bangladesh and empower the people with cutting-edge technology. Prior to this job, he had been promoted to Additional Managing Director of the business (AMD).

Contribution of Golam Murshed to Walton

Golam Murshed is always seeking for ways to assist the country. As a result, rather of moving overseas after graduation to make a better living, he elected to join Walton. Walton, as well as Bangladesh, have piqued his curiosity. He has already taken steps to improve the country’s electronics, technology, research, and innovation industries, as well as give chances for young people.

He is always thinking beyond the box. According to him, the three characteristics that have taken him to the position that millions want to are a passion for work rather than an academic degree, perseverance in decision-making, and the drive to achieve. His advice to this generation is to work harder and smarter, to avoid getting trapped in comfort zones, and to refrain from harming the country and its people.

Walton’s achievements are inextricably linked to those of Golam Murshed, who has been an integral part of this institution nearly since its inception. In the early days of his career, he improved the process rather than investing in new machinery, and the refrigerator production output rose under his direction.

He handled the acquisition of multiple refrigerator and air conditioner manufacturing factories in Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. Walton Refrigerator earned its highest refrigerator sales during his tenure as CEO. He started the Walton Ventilator, PPE, disinfection Chamber, and Medi-Cart Robot projects in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis.

Murshed supervised Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited’s whole Initial Public Offering (IPO) and obtained the company’s stock exchange listing. It had moved to second position in Bangladesh’s market capitalisation in just a few months. He launched the ‘Go Worldwide’ program in FY 2020-21, with the goal of making Walton one of the top worldwide brands by 2030. In fiscal year 2020-21, he set new records for export volume and value, as well as sales and net profit.

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