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The Future of Home Hydration, Best Water Cooler Dispenser

by charlottesmith
Best Water Cooler Dispenser

The smart way to do water is here. Enjoy freshly filtered, instantly chilled water both still and sparkling with instant hot water for drinks and cooking; the future of hydration is here with the best water cooler dispenser.

The most useful kitchen appliance, all day, every day-the pure refreshment your body craves. It’s perfect for refilling water bottles, mixing up sparkling spritzers, or even tea and cocoa at the touch of a button.

The ultimate soda maker, chill out with the freshness of natural bubbles on-demand with this machine, ready to brew up your favorite mocktails and cocktails for every family gathering.

Hydrate your life. Recharge on demand—your body with freshly filtered ice-cold water. Boost your mental and physical performance without the additives of bottled beverages.

Simplify hydration with the best water cooler dispenser.

Get instant hot water on demand for your cocoa and tea; learn how piping hot water at the touch of a button can revolutionize your cooking by jump-starting your pasta and veggies.

Our super-simple technology makes it easy from the initial setup to change the filter or CO2 cartridge. We are designed and built in the USA and offer a three-year warranty on your purchase. Enjoy the confidence you deserve in your home hydration solution.

Bring home the best water cooler dispenser. We use pioneering technology that combines unmatched filtration with Cooling, carbonation, and heating all in one compact appliance.

With our world-class, game-changing filtration, it’s all about clean water, and with our ultimate filtration technology, we tackle the most stubborn contaminants.

We go through harsh chemicals like chlorine, lead, and bacterial cysts. Start filling up with confidence without the contaminants. Our best water cooler dispenser is your sustainable step toward reducing your carbon footprint.


Sustainable hydration, the best water cooler dispenser.

Sixty million plastic bottles are thrown away each day, and only 10% of them get recycled. Our filters are loaded with the capacity to deal with the most dangerous pollutants, so you don’t need to drink them by consuming unfiltered water.

We use the best raw materials for our filters with commercial-grade ingredients, including plant-based renewable carbon, a superior ingredient for filtration.

Each of our ultimate filters begins with coconut shell carbon that is thermally activated to create a mico-pore structure. The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of pollutants.

Surface area is the factor that matters most when removing pollutants. Our ultimate filters contain 350 grams of compressed activated carbon with a surface area of 1,050,000 m2, equal to 345 soccer fields.


Eco-friendly hydration with the best water cooler dispenser.

Our earth is drowning in disposable plastic bottles from packaged beverages, bottled water, and more. We toss 1 ton of plastic into the oceans every minute—the perfect time to reduce plastic and choose sustainable solutions for a healthier planet.

The sad irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to make a water bottle that holds 1 liter of water. The oil wasted to make these bottles adds up to 1.5 million barrels annually in the USA alone.

Transporting these beverages burns even more fossil fuels and worsens the pollution problem. Only 10% of the bottles we throw away make it to a recycling center.

Reduce your water and carbon footprint, one glass at a time. Each ultimate filter of the best water cooler dispenser saves 2,800 bottles from landfills. Pounds of CO2 emissions are protected from being released into the atmosphere.

Eighty-five gallons of oil are saved with the ultimate filter, along with 8,400 liters of water. Enjoy endless sparkling with CO2 cylinders that carbonate 60 liters of ice-cold, freshly filtered water.

Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle with the best water cooler dispenser. Our ultimate filters change in seconds without needing tools or even turning off the water supply, making it very easy to ensure your water is the best it can be.

Each filter lasts one year or up to 350 gallons of pure hydration for your entire family. Our system can be connected directly to your existing water outlet or be used with a sidekick reservoir.

Enjoy fresh hydration anywhere in the house, no longer requiring a plumbed-in connection ideal for your recreational rooms or home gyms. The sidekick reservoir makes our system completely standalone and ready to be used without any inhibitions.

Available in various colors, including the best classic shades to fit whatever aesthetic you desire, ranging from mica to slate. We deliver right to your doorstep, making any upkeep requirements hassle-free.

We also give you three full Co2 canisters as a starter pack with your purchase of the best water cooler dispenser to make your switch to a bubbly lifestyle as convenient as possible. Enjoy a 3-year warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enjoy your favorite mocktails, cocktails, brews, and stews. Our system is ready anytime for your guests to mix it up and make you a wonderful host.

An estimated 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated and often drink the wrong beverages. Instead of sugary drinks, give your body what it deserves: good, clean, pure hydration.

Each CO2 cartridge carbonates 60 liters of water, replacing the need for 125 16-ounce bottles. It’s time to return, refill, and reuse our program to help be more sustainable. Send us your empty cartridges, and we’ll refill them for you.

Only pay for the refill and not for another cartridge, and help the earth be pollution-free while also helping yourself stay sustainable with minimal expenses on hydration.

5% of all of the earth’s fossil fuels are used to produce single-use plastic bottles, 71% of these plastic bottles are not recycled. 74% of glass bottles thought more environmentally friendly and highly recyclable never make it to the recycling centers.

We go a step ahead and ensure that any scrap aluminum cartridges are not tossed away into a landfill. Give us a call, and we will pick up and recycle your waste cartridges if a refill is not needed.

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