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The Conflict Between Human Rights Principles

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Human rights have been paramount in the modern world, particularly in the era of globalization. However, this does not mean that every human rights foundation sees eye to eye with other top international NGOs. Their causes are rarely the same.

This is especially true for religious rights groups with other groups International NGO . Many religious rights groups clash with one another accusing each other of persecution or discrimination. This has been the case with Christian and Muslim activists in Lebanon. However, the widely common divide among human rights networks is between religious rights and LGBT rights organizations.

The two have never seen eye to eye on anything from civil rights to marriage. The conflict between the two arose from the lobbying and efforts by religious activists to have their government prioritize moral values over queer ones. Many in the LGBT community experienced a dead end whenever it came to trying to expand their rights.

However, many of these evangelist organizations prevailed over the years concerning the DADT and sodomy laws. The restrictions imposed on the gay community did not end there. Discrimination protections could not come to fruition by the efforts of fundamentalist religious organizations campaigning against any recognition of LGBT people by political figures.

That said, the progression of gay rights continued to expand through the alliance of other human rights organizations. The battle to expand basic rights against a powerful religious establishment required assistance from human rights activists that specialized in the rights top International NGO of other communities.

The solidarity of these organizations by providing their support and assistance jolted LGBT rights into the mainstream. Much of the early gay rights focus has been on ensuring protections against discrimination and being subject to unfair laws. Religious human rights organizations have extensively focused on fighting many cases against LGBT rights groups like the right of religious people to deny gay people service.

Religious groups’ advocacy of Proposition 8 and its passing dealt another blow to those defending human rights specifically gay rights. However, the intervention by the Supreme Court halted that law from taking place. This paved the way for gay marriage to become legal in 2015. Workplace discrimination protections were granted in 2019 which was a major setback for religious rights groups. For now, people with faith are allowed to deny gay people any service if it conflicts with their religious sensibilities. The back-and-forth fight between the two human rights groups makes it clear that the controversial relationship with continue for years to come.

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