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The Best Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas

by DarahAlbesa

The Best Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas

Walking towards a kitchen that’s clean and tidy seems like a dream. When was the last time your kitchen looked organised? If you don’t remember, you’re in luck. These kitchen storage ideas will complete your kitchen and make prepping, cooking, and clean-up more efficient.

As much as it’s tempting to put hooks on the wall for pans and utensils and call it a day, they add clutter to your kitchen. These kitchen ideas will help you make the most out of your space without sacrificing your kitchen’s overall look. Whether fully renovating your kitchen or remodelling a small segment, find inspiration below.

Utilising Drawer and Cabinet Organisers

Searching for utensils or ingredients in disorganised drawers is a common problem people face in the kitchen. You’re bound to have a messy kitchen cabinet and drawer without partitions. Organising your kitchen cabinets and drawers is one of the best kitchen storage ideas to implement.

Kitchen tools are easier to find inside a drawer or cabinet with proper organisers. They’re also easier to return without misplacing them the next time you need the tools.

Kitchen drawer organisers come in many options, including built-in stainless-steel organisers or portable plastic utensil trays you can move around. You can add additional compact risers to your kitchen cabinet and an anti-slip mat to protect your shelving.

Floating Shelves

If you have stunning dinnerware, don’t hide it away! Making your kitchen neat doesn’t mean it has to be entirely clear of objects in sight. Place your best tableware and wine glasses on floating shelves. Floating shelves maximise your wall space and are easy to install. They also come in many sizes to fit even the smallest wall space. For more kitchen storage ideas, look for a double-duty shelf with hooks or a mini cabinet.

Install a Pull-out Pantry and Cabinet

If you find your cupboards inaccessible due to their height, one ergonomic way to place your spices and other ingredients is through a vertical pull-out pantry. You can install this pull-out unit beside your kitchen sink, stove, or under the countertop. The best part about this pull-out pantry is that goods stored in the farthest corner are still easy to access with a simple pull.

Another handy feature of a pull-out unit is the storage space for cooking pans and utensils. Although hanging pans on hooks seems like the obvious option, it’s better to store them in an easy-to-access cabinet. This way, you also protect your pans and utensils from dust and dirt when not in use. To organise them, add dividers inside the pull-out cabinet.

Wine Storage

If you don’t have a wine cellar, don’t fret. You can store your wine with a sturdy wine holder. Install a floating shelf for your wine bottles, or buy one you can keep in a cabinet.

Aside from wine, cabinet-type wine storage can double as a place for tumblers taking up a lot of space. Another fancy way to store your wine is through drawer organisers. You can place built-in drawers by your kitchen island to double as a minibar.

Utilise some of these kitchen storage ideas to make your kitchen tasks seamless. From compact utensil organisers to wine storage, you can save space, reduce clutter, and locate your kitchen utensils with these easy-to-apply storage solutions.

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