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The Best Alternatives to Dental Braces

What are the Best Alternatives to Dental Braces?

by DarahAlbesa
A young lady putting on Invisalign from an Auckland dental clinic

What are the Best Alternatives to Dental Braces?

We all want to smile brightly without being conscious of our teeth. One of the best ways to fix and align teeth is by getting dental braces, but let’s be honest; metal braces are not for everyone. In New Zealand, dental costs are expensive, so you want to make the most out of your teeth restoration and alignment procedure.

Unfortunately, you may not like how you look while wearing braces. The good news is there are alternatives to braces that you might prefer better. From retainers to Invisalign available in Auckland dental clinics, you’ll find something to bring out the best of your pearly whites.


Invisalign is a set of custom-made removable aligners made of flexible plastic unique for every owner. Of all the alternatives to braces, Invisalign is the most sought-after option. No one will notice if you wear Invisalign since it blends in with your teeth like a natural protective layer.


Since they are detachable, you can remove them to clean them and your teeth. Invisalign contours your teeth for a more comfortable fit. Another plus to wearing Invisalign is that you don’t have to visit the dentist often to have them adjusted.


Getting an Invisalign in Auckland is costly, but the results of this procedure are worth it. Plus, you won’t be worried about how your teeth look when you present yourself or smile for the camera.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are worth a try if you want a more low-key type of braces. Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces have either tooth-colored or clear wires and brackets. However, ceramic braces are still made of metal and are somewhat visible. You don’t have to worry since they’re only noticeable when someone is in front of you. The downside to ceramic braces is that you can’t replace the brackets when they stain until treatment is complete.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are traditional metal braces placed on the back of your teeth. They are essentially hard to spot and give you an almost braces-free smile. Since these braces are practically invisible, many adults consider this type of braces instead. It’s important to note that these braces are more challenging to clean and maintain. Lingual braces are also unsuitable for patients with an overbite or unusually small teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers almost look and feel like actual teeth. Getting veneers is best for people with discoloration, visible gaps, crooked, chipped, or damaged teeth. These veneers consist of thin yet durable ceramic materials. They’re also not prone to staining or breaking quickly. Veneers can last up to 5-10 years and require constant replacement. Unlike braces and Invisalign, getting veneers is a permanent commitment.


In most cases, retainers are given after braces removal to retain the alignment. Though, retainers can help with minor dental imperfections. If you have a tiny gap between your teeth, retainers can help fix them. Retainers are made from plastic and metal and are easy to remove before eating or cleaning.


It’s understandable if you don’t want to wear traditional dental braces. Braces tend to be inconvenient and unappealing. If you don’t like the look of braces, it can make you even more conscious. Unlike getting veneers or Invisalign in Auckland dental clinics, metal braces are very noticeable. These are only some alternatives to braces that will give you more confidence to smile the widest.

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