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The 7 Most Essential Winter Car Care Tips

by hondaservice697

As residents of the UAE, we’re fortunate enough to experience warm weather for the better part of the year. However, the winter chill can sneak up on us if we’re not cautious enough. Relax, relax. This isn’t us telling you to stock up on heavy down jackets and winter coats. You don’t need all that. What we’re getting at is winter car care.


While we don’t deal with adverse conditions such as frost and snow, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can be complacent. With a cool head, and a hint of proactivity, we can make it through the winter with just about no car troubles. Lest we forget, the winter’s when we have most of our road trips planned.

Whether it’s unexpected rains, expected morning dew, or a sudden burst of fog, proper vehicle maintenance is imperative in the winter. Honda Paint ServiceDubai Cold weather tends to take a toll on cars, and the difficult driving conditions might catch you off-guard. With a bit of long sight, and proper planning, you can ensure your vehicle stays road ready for the winter.

Let’s look at what some of the most essential winter car care tips are for the season, straight from your resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

Keep a check on your oil and fuel levels

Ensure your oil level is well within the minimum and the maximum mark on your car’s dipstick. Running low on oil can cause hazardous situations on the road.


You’re advised to check your oil levels only after the car has fully warmed up. If you find yourself running low on oil, it’s best to get a car oil change.

With doorstep services becoming more popular than ever, you can get your oil changed at your doorstep with a mobile oil change service, such as the one provided by Service My Car.

While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to fill up on petrol too. Ensure you have the right amount of petrol in your tank before you plan long trips. You’re especially advised not to stretch out the last few kilometres with low fuel as you might just end up being stranded on the road.

Ensure your headlights are clean

With unexpected rains and dust storms, it goes without saying that cars tend to get dirty during the winter. While a simple car wash might fix most problems, it’s especially important to ensure your headlights are clean.

It’s estimated that your headlights lose around 40% of luminosity in 35km when driving on a wet winter’s day. If possible, get someone to stand outside the car and ensure all your lights are working correctly.

If you happen to have any issues with any of your lights, it signals towards battery issues.

Get a thorough battery test done

Speaking of battery issues, did you know that the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns is a flat battery? It turns out, the risk of battery failure grows exponentially in cold and wet climates.

While you should endeavour to change your car’s battery every three years, you might have to do it sooner if the cold climate is affecting it. Some signs to look out for include the engine turning over slower than usual, the battery light flickering in the dashboard, and any faults in the electrical unit.

Whether your headlights aren’t working, or you run into any other battery troubles, it needs to be fixed. You can avail a hassle-free battery replacement from the auto repair experts at Service My Car.

Thoroughly assess your tyres

We’ve covered this before, but it doesn’t hurt to be repeated. Tyres that are worn out are always dangerous, but the danger is enhanced when you drive in wet conditions.

We’re aware that the UAE is prone to sudden rainfall in the winter, and driving in such conditions can be hazardous if your tyres aren’t in a good condition.

It’s also vital to ensure you have a roadworthy spare tyre too. If you happen to face the misfortune of dealing with a flat tyre, Service My Car provides flat tyre services as part of their roadside assistance services.

Check your windshield wipers and ensure you have washer fluid

Ensure your windshield wipers are in proper condition. They should not have any holes or tears. Moreover, they should be able to clean your windshield accurately without posing the risk of damaging it.

You can wipe the wipers clean every now and then. On top of that, you’ll need adequate windshield washer fluid too. A mix of rain and dust can make your windshield dirty in no time, and washer fluid is the best way to get it back to its original state.

Winter’s also when you’re most likely to face some form of windshield damage. If your windshield’s worse for wear, then it’s probably time to get it replaced. Get the best windshield replacement from Service My Car.

Inspect your brakes thoroughly

Your brakes need to be working at its best, especially during the winter. If your brakes are squealing or grating, it’s best to get them checked immediately.

Moreover, if you’re taking the car out after a while, start off slowly to allow the discs, callipers and the handbrake to warm up gradually.

Check if it’s time for a service

Like several of the tips above, this one’s essential all year round. However, the adverse wintry conditions make this one just the more necessary.

You’re typically advised to get a major service every 20,000km. You can always consult the vehicle manufacturer’s guide if you’re unsure. Alternatively, you could just ask one of the resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

With hassle-free service packages, they can guide you to choose precisely what’s required for your car. Get prepared for the winter by booking a service package at Service My Car today.


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