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Taking Care of Your Dental Supplies and Equipment

by DarahAlbesa
Professional cleaning and maintenance of dental supplies in NZ.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Supplies and Equipment

To ensure your dental office operates at its best, you need to be hands-on with every detail in your practice. You must pay meticulous attention to the maintenance and care of your equipment and source dental supplies from NZ manufacturers. For your reference, here’s a quick guide to taking care of your essential dental equipment and supplies.


Daily Dental Equipment Maintenance: Before Opening

Before opening hours, get a head start by cleaning and preparing your dental supplies. Here are critical items you can tick off your dental equipment checklist at the beginning of the day:

  • Always clean the dental instruments:This must be done before and after every procedure to avoid cross-contamination. Designate a steam autoclave for your dental tools, including syringes.
  • Check the water supply:When cleaning dental instruments, you must use clean and purified water. Make it a habit to clean your tap and wash basins daily.
  • Wipe down the dental unit and surrounding areas:This step ensures that no bacteria build-up occurs in your dental clinic.
  • Sanitise all the supplies, equipment, and surfaces:Use a sanitising solution like alcohol wipes or hydrogen peroxide to wipe all your dental supplies, equipment, and surrounding surfaces.
  • Check your steriliser’s filter:Cleaning your supplies with a grimy steriliser brings bacteria and mould to your tools.


Daily Dental Equipment Maintenance: Closing Time

Your end-of-the-day clean-up makes prepping your dental supplies easier for the next day. That’s why it’s crucial to be on top of cleaning and maintenance, especially during closing time. Here are some critical steps to make your dental equipment gleam:

  • Clean all your dental instruments with disinfectant:Ensure to disinfect every piece of dental equipment, including the cleaning instruments.
  • Wipe all work surfaces:Wipe every benchtop and table with disinfectant wipes and allow it to air dry.
  • Store your dental equipment properly:Keep equipment away from direct sunlight and let it sit in a cool, dry storage area.
  • Empty and clean the steam autoclave:Aside from sterilising your dental instruments, you must also keep the autoclave in pristine condition.
  • Restock dental products if needed:This step is the perfect opportunity to review your inventory and ensure you have everything you need for your dental practice.


Monthly Preventive Maintenance

Aside from following through with your daily cleaning and maintenance tasks, check your dental equipment monthly.


A preventive maintenance procedure is lubricating and cleaning the motors and gears of your dental chair and equipment. You must see if there are small parts that need replacing. Deep cleaning your dental equipment each month is crucial to preventing bacteria build-up.


Before tinkering with possibly faulty equipment, it’s best to consult the manufacturer of your dental supplies in NZ. They will help you get to the bottom of the problem.


Constant dental clinic maintenance saves your equipment from costly repairs and replacements. You want to ensure that your dental supplies will benefit your clinic for a long time. Keeping your equipment in check will help your dental business soar to greater heights.

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