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Steven Crowder’s Net Worth and His Fall From Grace

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Steven Crowder is a conservative, controversial political commentator and comedian. He has made his career off of making fun of liberals and pushing right-wing viewpoints. What many people don’t know is that he has been living a lie for the last few months.

Steven Crowder’s net worth in 2016 was 8 million dollars, but now it is at just over $2 million. It seems like his comedy tour has taken a toll on the man who once proclaimed himself to be “The No Spin News.” With so much going on with such an influential person in the conservative media, let’s take a look at Steven Crowder’s net worth and his fall from grace.

The Fall of Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder, the comedian, and conservative political commentator have fallen from grace this year. His career has been built on making fun of liberals and pushing right-wing viewpoints, but he is slowly becoming irrelevant.

In 2016, Steven Crowder’s net worth was 8 million dollars. In 2017, it has plummeted to just over $2 million. This decline in wealth is due to his comedy tour that had nationwide stops in 2017-2018. The tour was not a success as the venues were all less than half full, tickets were too expensive for middle-class conservatives, and Crowder’s act was not funny enough to warrant the price of admission.

This decline in wealth is not only bad news for Crowder himself, but it also reignites concerns that the conservative media may be dying out. With a decline in talent like Steven Crowder, who will be there to carry on the conservative torch?

The Truth About Steve’s Net Worth

It seems like Crowder has been trying to keep the truth about his net worth a secret for a while now. His net worth was 8 million dollars back in 2016. Now, it is at $2 million with a fall from grace. This sudden change can be attributed to his comedy tour and how he has handled recent controversies.

Crowder has faced several controversies in the last few months and they have caused him to lose money. In November of 2017, he made an inappropriate comment on Twitter where he was seen sexually harassing a woman who worked for YouTube. The controversy snowballed into YouTube demonetizing Crowder’s channel because they deemed him as “unsuitable.” He also faced controversy after his appearance on Louder with Crowder where he called guest Ben Shapiro an “asshole” to his face and told him to shut up during a discussion on free speech. Before all this, Crowder falsely accused Antifa of assaulting people in Charlottesville back in August of 2017 on his podcast.

In each instance, Crowder used public humiliation and shame as tactics against those who disagree with him or are critical of him. Unfortunately, these tactics don’t work anymore as social media provides too much transparency nowadays.

Why Is This Happening?

Steven Crowder’s net worth has taken a significant downturn, and it is not due to his lack of work.

It was announced that in March, Crowder would be moving from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to CRTV.

In the first quarter of 2018, CRTV raised 2 million dollars in funding. This investment will be used to create content for the network and help fund programming on other networks. It seems like Steven Crowder was an excellent choice for this investment because of his popularity among conservatives.

However, while Steven Crowder’s net worth is starting to grow again, he may not have had any say in it as he recently filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against one of his biggest supporters: CRTV host Steven Anderson. Anderson allegedly made homophobic remarks about him during one of his shows and encouraged followers to go after him.

Crowder’s suit claims that the network did nothing about Anderson’s comments and “encouraged others to harass” him in retaliation for the lawsuit filed by CRTV host Tomi Lahren against Glenn Beck back in December 2017.

What Does the Future Hold for Steve?

It’s hard to say what the future will hold for Steven Crowder’s net worth. It has been reported that he is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife and that he is in major debt. Some believe he may have to declare bankruptcy due to his massive financial losses.

Steven Crowder’s net worth has fallen from 8 million dollars to just over 2 million dollars. His comedy tour has taken a toll on him, as he doesn’t seem to be able to regain any of his success and cache within the conservative media realm. He appears to have tried too hard, way too fast, and failed miserably. This could be a sign that Steven Crowder is done for good and will never make it back up again. Only time will tell, but it looks like things are only going downhill from here for Steve Crowder.


One of the most controversial and prominent conservative voices on YouTube and Fox News has been silenced. Steven Crowder has been suspended from monetizing his YouTube account and most of his videos have been demonetized thanks to some advertisers pulling their ads from his videos.

Why? The internet has been abuzz with talk of Steven Crowder’s net worth and what he’s done to earn it. He’s amassed a fortune over the years by creating his own brand, selling merchandise, and charging for live events. He’s also hosted TV shows in the past, including the now-canceled Louder With Crowder on CRTV.

Critics and fans alike are wondering what’s next for the conservative commentator. Will he continue to work in media? Will he move on to something new? It’s anyone’s guess. But what is clear is that Crowder’s days as a YouTube star and Fox News pundit seem to be over.

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