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Simple Home Additions to Keep Your Children Safe

by EmmaSturgis

Safety at home is a major priority. After all, you likely hope to feel safe and secure in your own house. This concern is particularly important for parents of young children. In order to keep your kids safer, you can make some simple additions to the home.

Kitchen Locks

Putting locks on the stove knobs is a smart idea to keep the kids more protected against the hot temperatures. This technique can double as a way to prevent the cats from accidentally turning on the stove. Place locks on other potentially dangerous spots too, such as the cabinets that house knives, power tools, and cleaning supplies. Keep in mind that some foods can be a choking hazard for small children, so put locks on the snack cabinets and your refrigerator if needed too.

Outlet Covers

You absolutely must put covers on the outlets when the kids are little. All it takes is a split second for a child to grab a fork, set of keys, or another dangerous object and try to put that item into the outlet. Kids might also try to stick their fingers in the outlets. Do not assume that outlets are safe simply because devices or appliances are plugged in. Children can easily remove those items. Make sure that the outlet covers that you choose are sturdy and secure.


Alarms on the doors and windows of your house protect against break-ins, but these devices can also keep your kids from getting out of the house. For example, you might be worried that kids will try to play in the backyard while construction is being done outside the house, or you may be worried about children sleepwalking out of the home at night. If your house has a pool, you can put alarms on the fence surrounding the pool.


It’s important to protect your children from harsh weather conditions that might appear out of nowhere. When the rain won’t let up, having a sturdy roof over your head is crucial. If you have an older roofing system, consider hiring a service such as Roof Cat to reinforce your roofing. A durable roof will last longer and protect your family from falling branches and rain.

Bathroom Safety Features

Between the wet floors and lots of soap, bathrooms can be dangerous, especially when it comes to falls. You might consider installing a walk-in shower or grab bars to help your kids navigate the space. Definitely make sure that non-slip floor mats are down in the bathroom. You can choose this option for the shower or tub as well. Do check that the mat is the appropriate material for the surface. Otherwise, the area could become even more dangerous.

As a parent, you have a major responsibility to keep your kids safe. Now, you know how to do so at home.

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