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Sharon Deflorio Talks About the Importance of Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance

The concept of “work-life balance” has become immensely popular in the last decade or so. Work-life balance is a crucial aspect of a healthy work environment. It helps in reducing stress and preventing burnout in the workplace.

A large number of successful professionals, including Sharon Deflorio, emphasize the importance of work-life balance. Sharon is quite a successful Business Development Representative. She is from Norwalk, CT, and served as an Executive Compensation Analyst at Xerox.

Sharon Deflorio discusses the reasons that make proper work-life balance important

Lines between work and personal life are blurring today, with the increasing popularity of work-from-home. Hence, the need for work-life balance has become more important than ever today. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is beneficial for employee relationships and well-being. It can even improve their performance and productivity at work. When people do not view work as a chore, they are likely to work harder and more innovatively.

A stressed and overwhelmed employee is unlikely to have the capacity to think creatively. On the other hand, with proper work-life balance, their mind would get freed from immense stress, and have better scope for creativity.

Maintaining a work-life balance can help in managing stress and have a positive impact on mental health. Stress-related to the workplace is not uncommon. Having a manageable workload can go a long way in reducing this stress. When people feel that their work is manageable enough, they get the capacity to deal with negative emotions and thoughts.

Workout burnouts are avoidable with the implementation of work-life balance. Burnouts take place when people feel overwhelmed and are unable to meet constant demands. The negative impact of burnout impacts every aspect of life. The human brain is not meant to be under pressure and feels stressed out at all times. Creating more balance in life provides people with a much-needed breathing space to think. It helps their subconscious thoughts to come to the surface. This proves to be immensely beneficial for mental health. It enables people to be more self-aware so that they can manage their emotions in a healthy manner.

Working too much will invariably result in having less time to spend with family and friends. It is immensely difficult to seamlessly manage both personal and professional life. It is not easy to be present for loved ones and give them full attention while being exhausted and overwhelmed due to work. Having a work-life balance means that one would get adequate time to spend with their family and friends. This can do wonders for their personal relationship. Work-life balance creates a ripple effect and enables people to be more positive about their life, career, relationships, and even health.

A good work-life balance also allows people to have adequate time to focus on their health and fitness. There is no wealth better than health. Hence, one needs to take time out of their daily schedule and dedicate it to improving their fitness levels. Sharon Deflorio, for instance, loves to engage in half-marathons, swimming, cycling, and tennis.

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