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Room Expansion Ideas for a More Functional Home

by AnicaOaks

It really doesn’t matter the size of your home when it comes to transforming or adding more space to make the house more functional. A room expansion for the existing footprint is almost always a great return on investment. However, you do need to research your local building codes. And, it isn’t a bad idea to speak with a designer, real estate agent, and general contractor before you get started. Here are some expansion ideas to help you increase the functionality of your home.

Build Up

One of the best expansion investments is to add a second story if you are living in a ranch-style home. This adds more bedrooms and can double your square footage without encroaching on any setback lines or taking away yard space.

If you already have a second floor over the main house, consider building a bonus room over your garage if it is adjacent to the house. This is a win-win for a family with kids who need play space. It is also great for a home office, especially if you can have an entrance that is separate from the main home.

Refinish the Basement

You don’t necessarily have to add a second story if you have a decent amount of basement area with adequate headroom. You will want to make sure the basement is completely dry before undertaking this project. A finished basement can be used as guest space, an in-law apartment, or a family room with an entertainment center.

Enclose a Screened Porch

One of the nicest features of a screened porch is that the “walls” are generally open to views from floor to ceiling. This affords you the opportunity to transform the porch into a solarium or sunroom with plenty of glass. You will go from a summer space to a 4 season room with lots of daylight. If you don’t want to condition the space with HVAC, it can still be a 2 or 3-season space, especially if it faces south with lots of sunshine in spring and fall.


Of course, if you have plenty of lands, you can actually add a sunroom to your existing home without transforming the screened porch. Sunrooms and other room additions can be used for informal gatherings or as a breakfast nook.

Bump Out

One of the most affordable ways to expand a home is to bump out rooflines and walls. The way to do this is to add dormers with windows in second-floor bedrooms or add bow or bay window extensions with seating in living rooms and kitchens. You can also bump out a bathroom with a cantilevered addition to gain floor space for a free-standing tub.

Finish the Attic

While attics were essential for the proper ventilation of older homes, they also offer plenty of unused space. With today’s sophisticated natural ventilation systems in roof design, a skilled contractor can transform your attic into a livable space without compromising the integrity of the home’s heating and cooling. You can brighten up a finished attic by installing skylights. Low perimeter walls can provide you with hidden storage cubbies.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to add a room expansion for your home and increase its functionality and overall value. You can add on to the home or make less expensive modifications. Hopefully, these tips have sparked your imagination and have you thinking about creative ways to expand your home.

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