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Role of vibration table in paper and packaging industry

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In the paper and packaging industry, testing the packaging strength of materials like corrugated boxes is an important part of quality control. Testing your package against different aspects, including vibrations, can help the manufacturers to make sure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. To make it easy for the manufacturers of the paper and packaging industry to test their products against vibrations, we at Presto have designed a vibration tableThis is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that can easily test the transport worthiness of these boxes against vibrations. This high-quality lab testing instrument has been designed as per industrial standards that include ASTM D999, IS 7028 (part II) Standard, and many more. Here, we will discuss its role in the packaging industry. But first, we will discuss why you should test your corrugated box against vibrations.

Why you should test your corrugated boxes against vibrations?

Testing your corrugated boxes against vibrations is important to ensure that they will withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. Many factors can affect the vibration performance of a package, including the weight and dimensions of the package, the type of cargo being transported, and the loading and unloading procedures employed. By testing your boxes against vibrations, you can determine their limits and ensure that it meets your expectations.

We at Presto, being the leader of quality lab testing instruments in India, have manufactured a vibration table that can assess the durability of your boxes against vibrations. By understanding the effect of vibrations, you can easily ensure whether your package can withstand the rigors of transportation or shipping.

Below we have listed the top reasons that indicate you should test your package against vibrations.

1. To verify the operational integrity of your product

By testing your product against vibration, you can determine whether there are any mechanical issues that need to be addressed.

2. To prevent damage caused by vibration

Vibration can cause structural damage to your package, which can lead to reduced performance or even failure. By verifying the integrity of your boxes against vibration, you can ensure that it remains operable and does not suffer from any damage.

3. To improve the stability and long-term durability of your product

By verifying the stability of your boxes against vibration, you can improve their lifespan and reduce the likelihood of failure. Additionally, by balancing the weight of your package against vibrations, you can create a more stable platform for device operations.

These are the top 3 reasons that indicate, you should test your package against vibrationsYou can read about how the Presto vibration table can help to evaluate the transport worthiness of the package.

What is the Presto vibration table and chamber?

Vibration can cause structural damage to your package, which can lead to reduced performance or even failure. By verifying the integrity of your package against vibration, you can ensure that it remains operable and does not suffer from any damage. Thus, with the use of the Presto vibration table, the paper and packaging manufacturers can pinpoint the potential damage areas in the package or product caused by vibration.

A vibration table is a consistent lab testing instrument that is used for checking the roadworthiness of packages. It simulates the vibrations and jolts subjected to various packages and products during handling and transportation. The Vibration Table replicates the damage caused by repetitive movement of the objects. The user can set frequency and time and examine the damage caused by visual inspection on completion of the testing.

Below we have listed the features Presto vibration testing instrument.

  • Digital LED Display
  • Highly accurate test results under various frequency settings
  • Digital Timer for setting test run time
  • Sample Slippage protection by rail on all sides
  • Strong base plate with rugged structure
  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Feather Touch Controls
  • Application:
    • Cement & Aggregate
    • Food
    • Chemical
    • Customized sizes also provided on specific requests

You can read more about vibration table features, or know more information about the vibration table.

Technical Specifications of Presto vibration table

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 100 Kg
  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Table Size: 800 * 800 mm
  • Amplitude: 25 mm peak to peak
  • Power: 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Frequency: 2Hz to 6Hz
  • Testing model:

– Vertical synchronous

– Vertical asynchronous

– Swivel synchronous

– Swivel asynchronous

  • Angle in Swivel Model: 0º, 30º, 60º, 90º
  • Timer: Up to 99.9 min or 99.9 hrs
  • In the Swivel Testing Model, the angle is changed according to changeable sprockets provided by the machine

With this high-end laboratory testing instrument, you can easily test your materials against stimulating vibrations. This lab testing equipment can be installed easily. You can read about the 5 easy steps to install a vibration table effortlessly. To conduct a free sample testing session about this high-quality lab testing instrument, you can easily call us at +91 9210903903 or email us at [email protected] to know about vibration table price. Our team of technical experts will easily assist you with all your queries.

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