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Rodents, Termites, and More: How To Keep Your Home Pest Free

by lizzieweakley

Rodents, termites, and other pests can damage your home and carry diseases that can make you sick. If you are dealing with a pest problem, there are steps you can take to remove them from your home and keep them out for good. Here’s what to do to keep your home free of pests.

Use Extermination Treatments

If you are dealing with a bad case of termites, you may be hesitant to call the exterminator out of fear of harmful, toxic chemicals. There is a new, non-toxic termite treatment available that can solve your problem without exposing you to harsh extermination treatments. Having your home treated will kill existing pests and prevent new ones from coming in.

Seal All Holes and Cracks

Bugs can creep in through small holes and cracks around your windows and doors. Larger holes allow rats and other small rodents to enter your home and wreak havoc. A professional home contractor can locate cracks and gaps in your home so they can be sealed. This is also a great way to prevent wear on your home.

Keep Your Home Clean

Dirt, clutter, trash, and food scraps attract bugs and rodents, so it’s important to keep your home clean, especially if you are dealing with a pest problem. Keep dishes clean, don’t eat in rooms other than the kitchen, don’t leave pet food out, and sweep up dirt and crumbs daily. Keeping a tidy, sanitary living space is excellent pest prevention.

Stow Garbage Cans with Lids Away From Your Home

Your garbage area should be far enough away from your home that it doesn’t entice pests to infest your living space. Lids should be kept on garbage cans at all times to keep critters out and prevent infestations. You should wash your garbage cans regularly to eliminate odors that attract bugs, mice, rats, and larger animals.

Set Traps for Rodents and Bugs

If you’re dealing with a small-scale infestation, mouse traps, glue traps, and fly strips can help eliminate the problem. Place the traps where they won’t get stepped on, messed with by kids, or set off accidentally. Don’t forget to check them each day and dispose of any catches to avoid attracting more pests.

Some areas are more prone to pests than others. If you live in a home that is crawling with unwanted bugs and critters, following these steps can help you eliminate the problem permanently.

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