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Rituals at Rameswaram: A Guide to Understanding the ceremonies Performed at this Holy Site

by archanaihomam

Rameswaram holds an exalted place in the minds of all Hindus, as it is one of the seven sacred sites referred to as the Sapta Puri in the world, with Kanyakumari, Varanasi, Prayag, Dwarka, Badrinath and Puri also being part of this list. Rameswaram has been featured in many Hindu scriptures and religious epics, and plays an important role in the everyday lives of Hindus across India and abroad. Here are some rituals at Rameswaram performed by devotees that you should know about…

How To Reach

Reach there by boarding a flight from Chennai. The nearest airport is in Chennai. It will take about three hours by road to reach Rameswaram from Trichy. To reach there, we have to cross Kodiyakarai after crossing Thirukadalmallai and then go straight down on National Highway 46 (India) till it meets up with NH 544 at Ramanathapuram bus stand.

Things To See At The Temple Grounds

You may see many devotees performing specific rituals at Rameswaram. The most prominent ritual at Rameswaram is Sarpabali, where devotees take a vow that they will return after a pilgrimage. It is believed that if you do not complete your vow, you are cursed by Kali. This ritual is performed every evening near Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple in southernmost point of India.

History Of Ramanathaswamy Temple

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is considered to be one of India’s most significant temples and a popular tourist destination. The temple itself is located in Tamil Nadu at a place called Rameswaram. It draws large crowds each year during auspicious occasions like Shivaratri. During these festivals, people across India travel here to make offerings at its shrines, as well as take part in special activities such as kavadi marattam and jallikattu.

Important Festivals Celebrated At This Temple

Every day of your life is important, but some days are a little more special than others. For Hindus, there are many days when they celebrate rituals at rameswaram – as part of their holy duties and for their peace of mind. As per Hindu mythology, there are so many beliefs associated with each ritual; how it has been performed over time; which god is being worshiped on that day and what offerings need to be made.

How To Experience The Pongal Festival In Rameswaram?

The Pongal Festival is held in Rameswaram and attracts millions of visitors from across India. To get a true experience of what it’s like at Pongal, follow these rituals before you visit Rameswaram: Wear white clothing, because white is a colour associated with peace and good luck. Make sure you eat something with rice at least once every day during Pongal festival.

Things To Do When Visiting This Place

The first thing you will want to do when visiting rameswaram is go visit rameswaram itself. To reach rameswaram, take a flight or train to Chennai and then take a cab (or travel by bus) out of Chennai into Sri Lanka. This journey can take as long as seven hours but is one of those experiences that cannot be rushed.

Book your tickets now!

Seating is limited at all temples, so it’s important that you plan your visit well in advance. Planning and booking your tickets early also means you’ll be able to avoid much of the chaos that descends on sites like Rameswaram during major festival days. Visit between August and December if you want a quiet temple experience at some of India’s most sacred pilgrimage sites.

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