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Reasons why having a doctor come to your house is a blessing

Why Doctor on call is a blessing?

by DoctoronCall

Before World War II, doctors made house calls to patients to provide health care. The practice was phased away due to the rise of a hospital-centric culture. However, with the current pandemic, visiting hospitals is not suggested unless it is a serious emergency.

Around the world, the concept of a doctor on call is gaining popularity. An on call doctor Dubai attracts people from all walks of life. Everyone is concerned about their own and their loved one’s health, so it’s vital to highlight the primary benefits of having a doctor come to your house.

A visit to a hospital or clinic can simply be avoided if heavy equipment is necessary to check the patient. However, thanks to technological improvements, a patient and doctor can now communicate easily via an app or phone call, and a doctor at home service can be promptly accessed if necessary.

However, you must be aware of the benefits you will gain and the circumstances in which having a doctor come to your home is the ideal alternative. In this blog, you’ll learn when it’s best to call a doctor on call Dubai to come to your home.

  1. Too Sick To Move

A doctor at home is a service that can be used when a patient is too sick to move, such as when their temperature is over 104 degrees, and they can’t get out of bed.

For a sufferer, the most difficult task is to breathe properly. It’s as if the patient is having a terrible nightmare, and all he wants to do is wake up and put an end to it.

As frightening as it may sound, this is the greatest time to call an on call doctor Dubai to come to your home. Dengue fever, malaria, jaundice, typhoid, and other ailments prevent patients from leaving their beds.

Isn’t having access to a doctor’s attention and care a boon in this situation? Without a doubt! You can have a morning cup of tea at your bedside and wait for the doctor instead of standing or sitting in a long line in a plastic or uncomfortable chair.

  1. Time is running out

Do you think it’s worth your time to stand in line for hours? While most clinics enable clients to arrange appointments ahead of time, you must still read the doctor’s office’s monotonous, worthless publications.

Skipping the appointment and having a doctor come to your house on call is the best alternative if you have the funds. Having an doctor on call in Dubai come to your patient’s home is ideal if they have a problem requiring rapid medical attention, such as a panic attack or hypertension. Think about how much time you’ll save, including commuting and waiting for your turn.

  1. You have a family

It is, of course, difficult to travel with children. The patient will be ripped away by continual crying. In addition, when children attend a hospital or clinic, they are more likely to become infected.

You can put such tiny babies in a crib, but imagine how much patience it takes a parent to keep shifting the crib to keep the baby quiet. Finally, some of the patients who accompany these children to clinics are ill and cannot endure hearing babies cry and scream.

As a result, calling a doctor in Dubai and having your check-up done at home is the ideal alternative.

  1. Difficult for senior citizens

For senior citizens, going outdoors and waiting for their turn is inconvenient. Long periods of waiting are difficult for the elderly. Even just going to the clinic is a cause for concern. Getting older people from their homes to the clinic may necessitate special transportation.

Imagine the relief you’d feel if you had a dependable doctor in your neighborhood who could see your older family for high blood pressure, cholesterol, or arthritis.

  1. When you want extra attention and care

It’s no surprise that doctors who don’t provide sufficient treatment to their patients aggravate the problem.

Patients are purposefully or mistakenly neglected by doctors in hospitals, with the patient suffering the most in both scenarios. In front of strangers, patients find it difficult to express their emotions and symptoms.

The patient will be better looked after, and the treatment will be more effective. The doctor will have an easier time prescribing a cure if the patient is well informed about their ailment.


We must take advantage of technological advancements to the fullest extent possible. COVID-19 has already increased the hazards of visiting a hospital or clinic. That’s why doctor on call at home is a blessing.

I accept that I could persuade you that doctor on call is the greatest option with a few more justifications. Still, you are wise enough to grasp tomorrow’s existing circumstances and prospective threats. As a result, you should take care of your family and make efforts to keep them safe.

Calling a doctor at home would save you time, but it would also be more convenient for your patient. Senior members in your family who may benefit from this service should be extra cautious.

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