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Quick Ways Repair Floors In Your Shop Before Cracks Interfere With Your Work

by AnicaOaks

When you look down at the concrete floor in your shop and notice some cracks here and there, you may initially not think much about it. But as you go about your work, you may start to notice those cracks are getting in the way of you walking back and forth, and may in fact look as if they are getting bigger. If you want to repair floors in your shop quickly and easily, here are some steps you can take right away.

Clean the Area

Before you try applying anything to the cracks to get them repaired, always clean the cracks and the areas around them so that dirt, gravel, or other debris do not accumulate in the cracks as they are being repaired. For best results, use a power washer and then a shop-vac to clean up anything that may be left behind.

Concrete Filler

Once you have the cracks cleaned and ready to be repaired, you’ll need to use the concrete filler, which is cheap and easy to use. To start, cut the tip off the bottle’s applicator, then slowly start moving along the cracks, using just enough filler to create a smooth surface. Once a crack is filled in, wait a few minutes to let the filler settle. If necessary, add more filler so that you get a tight seal.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Since you may have oil, water, and other things spilling on your shop floor now and then, using epoxy floor coating is a great way to not only repair any cracks you have in your floor but to also ensure you hopefully won’t get any more cracks anytime soon. Epoxy flooring is very durable, available in many different colors, and easy to apply. Should your shop’s flooring surface be rough, you may need to use a paintbrush or broom that has very thick and sturdy bristles, since this will let you work the sealant into various grooves and pockets within the cracks.

Multiple Coats

Finally, you should probably expect to apply multiple coats of sealant to your shop floor to get maximum protection and durability. If you have cracks in your floor that are in high foot-traffic areas, three to four coats of sealant may be recommended. While this sounds like plenty of work, the good news is that the sealant will dry within only a few hours.

Rather than have unsightly cracks in your shop floor that may grow in size and become bigger problems, use the steps mentioned here to keep repair floors in your shop and keep them looking great and in excellent condition.

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