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Quick Way to Migrate Teams Chat from One Tenant to Another Safely

by Sambita
Migrate Teams Chat from One Tenant to Another

This guide explains the quick and reliable solution to the user query i.e. how can I migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another. If you also have to migrate the Teams’ data safely then it is recommended to go through this guide first. 

User Query: Hi! Our company is going through a merger. Since I am the system administrator, it’s my responsibility to take care of the data migration including MS Teams chats. And I have been searching for an effective solution for Microsoft Teams chat migration. Does anyone have any advice on how to successfully execute the same?

Microsoft Teams has been an essential part of almost every organization since the pandemic. And, chats are the core activities of the Teams, used to communicate with the team members internally. 

Also, an administrator can create a group, and the members in that group can communicate through threaded chats. They can share important files, links, attachments, etc through it.

So, when a company decides to migrate Teams data between tenants, it becomes crucial to know the right method since it also involves moving important chat conversations.

Just like the above Microsoft Teams user, if you too are looking for a way to migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another then keep up with the article.

As you will get to know the best reliable solution to perform this difficult task. You might be wondering, why did I say difficult? Well, the answer is discussed in the next section.

Why Microsoft Teams Chat Migration Is Very Challenging?

Microsoft has developed so many products and put them under one umbrella(Office 365) for professional use. Unlike other products, the design of MS Teams is unique.


Well, all the data of Teams is not stored in one place but rather saved in various locations. Such as, a copy of channel conversations is saved in a hidden Exchange group mailbox for compliance purposes.

Further, the shared files in one-on-one or group chats are stored in the user’s one drive for business, etc.

Thus, when it comes to transferring the MS Teams chat history, it becomes difficult to perform the task manually. Because you have to lift the data from multiple locations. Moreover, Microsoft doesn’t support any direct method, even recommends to take professional help for carrying out such an overwhelming task.

This is why IT admins prefer using SysTools Microsoft Teams Migration Tool for the data migration between tenants.

Effortlessly Migrate Teams Chat from One Tenant to Another Using The Software

As you already know MS Teams chat conversations are equally important as emails since it contains various information crucial to your business.

Hence, many experts rely on the software for error-free data migration. Also, the tool has the potential to meet the unique needs of organizations.

Strangely, most of the time users worry about the safety of their data while executing the process. Well, relax! The software maintains the data integrity throughout the process and is capable enough to transfer MS Teams chat history without any data loss.

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Another interesting fact about the tool is that you can migrate chats, group chats, guest permissions, @mentions, links, emojis, sticks, timestamp of conversation, etc. And, what’s more exciting? That is, you can move Microsoft Teams and channels in bulk.

Even at the end of the task, you can see the detailed report showing the name of channels, channel count, message count, group count, etc that are being migrated.

Work At the Detailed Step-by-Step Procedure to Execute Microsoft Teams Chat Migration

Considering the complexity of the MS Teams storage space allocation, the tool is designed in such a way that you will not have any difficulty moving your files, or chats to another tenant.

Just precisely follow the below steps and let the software do the work for you.

Step-1: Click on the given link to download the Teams Migration tool. Then run it on your computer.

Step-2: Next, under the ‘Set up’ section, select ‘Office 365’ as both Source and Destination to migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another.

Step-2Step-3: Scroll down to the bottom, and tick the ‘Teams’ checkbox. You can also mark the ‘Groups’ checkbox(if you wish to move group data as well).

[Note- When you click on the ‘Teams’ field, it automatically creates Teams and public channels at the destination.]


Step-4: Next, navigate to the ‘Source’ tab. Enter the Admin Email and Application ID. Then, click on the ‘Validate’ button and perform the source permissions verification.

After that, click on the ‘Next’


Step-5: Then, navigate to the ‘Destination’ tab. Enter the ‘Admin Email’ and ‘Application ID’. And, click on the ‘Validate’ button to perform Microsoft Teams chat migration.

After that, click on the ‘Next’

Step-6: Now, on the ‘Resource’ tab, you will find three sections i.e. ‘Users’, ‘Teams’, ‘Groups’

Click on the ‘Users’ section and specify the source user(s). For that, choose an option among these options: ‘Fetch User’, ‘Import User’, ‘Download Template’.


Step-7: Then, you will find all the source emails on your screen like this.


Step-8: After that, you have to map source and destination users to migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another.

Then, click on validate to verify the necessary permissions. 


Step-9: Just like ‘Users’, fetch Teams(You will find it on the ‘Resource’ tab) using an option from ‘fetch Teams’, ‘import Teams’, ‘download template’.


Step-10: After fetching Teams from Source, you need to map them with the destination Team.

For that, click on the ‘Create Team’ button then, provide destination names accordingly.


Step-11: Then, hit the ‘validate’ button and verify both source and destination permissions to migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another.


Step-12: Click on the Start Migration 


Step-13: There is a provision to ‘Re-run Migration’ by using the software. By this, you will be able to retry failed items, re-run full migration, and migrate newly arrived items.

[Note: Make Sure you have not clicked on the  ‘Mark Teams Complete’ option if you wish to execute a re-run migration. Because if you click on the same then you won’t be able to carry out re-run migration.]


Step-14: You can also migrate Groups. If you wish to do the same then go to the ‘Groups’ on the ‘Resource’ Tab. And follow the below instructions for Microsoft Teams chat migration.

First, you need to Fetch Groups. Next, Enter Destination Groups emails. Then Validate permissions for Microsoft Teams chat migration.

After successful verification, the source and destination permission will turn green.


Step-15: Lastly, click on Start Migration to migrate Teams chat to a new tenant.



Final Verdict

Many users struggle to find an answer to migrate Teams chat from one tenant to another including chats, channels, groups, etc. And, it’s quite disappointing since there is no direct way out to perform the migration.

However, this article provides you with the ultimate approach to overcoming the challenges of transferring Teams data between tenants. So, look no further and utilize the tried and tested tool to move your important chats to the target account.

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