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Pukhraj Stone Price In India

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Pukhraj Stone Price In India

The Pukhraj stone is another name for yellow sapphire. The issue arises as to how to determine the price of yellow sapphire. Stones that are yellow in hue are generally connected with pleasure and warmth in one’s life. However, the price of a genuine yellow sapphire stone might be a little of a mystery. The price of a diamond is influenced by four characteristics, including its cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. Before making a purchase, the buyer should thoroughly examine each of these aspects.

There are several elements that influence the price of yellow sapphire and pakhraj stones. Generally, yellow sapphire gemstones are considered to be valuable. The price of an original yellow stone may vary greatly depending on the stone’s rarity and weight. One of the rarest and most precious gemstones is the yellow sapphire. According on grade, the price of a yellow sapphire stone may vary from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 40000 per carat. The price of a diamond may fluctuate depending on its colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. If you’re a novice jewellery shopper, it might be tough for you to choose the right stone.

There’s no way to know how much a Pukhraj stone is worth until you actually look at it. Pukhraj/yellow sapphire stone prices may be found online, however many of them might mislead the consumer into purchasing something they don’t need. An in-depth knowledge of what goes into setting the price of yellow sapphire is required for consumers who want to purchase this gemstone. Cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight are the primary determinants of diamond price. Additionally, the provenance of the stone; luster; treatments; rarity; supply; and demand all have a significant effect in deciding the stone’s price.

Wearers of yellow sapphire report improved emotional and physical well-being. So many astrological and therapeutic properties may be attributed to this stone’s properties. It’s little surprise this yellow gemstone is so popular for protecting against life’s bad energy. The yellow sapphire gemstone is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Yellow sapphire is becoming more popular because to Jupiter’s reputation as the planet of optimism. Jupiter’s benign rays are thought to be captured by this magnificent yellow gemstone and used to enhance the wearer’s well-being. People who are struggling in life may benefit from the guidance of an astrologer who may recommend this potent stone. Wearing this stone helps alleviate mental tension and promote physical well-being. As far as marriage chances and family peace are concerned, this stone is a godsend.

The Guru Ratan is commonly thought to be a yellow sapphire because of its connection to Jupiter. The fact that yellow sapphires are more expensive in India than other gemstones is not a surprise. As previously noted, the price of yellow sapphire varies widely in India. There is a wide variety of Pukhraj Stone Price In India, from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 40,000 per carat.


Sri Lanka (Ceylon Mine), Myanmar, Thailand, and Madagascar are the most common places to find yellow sapphire stone. The per-carat price of yellow sapphire might rise if the stones are mined in certain locations. When compared to other types of gemstones, the stones found in these mines have a dazzling yellow hue and a higher degree of purity.

The price of Ceylon yellow sapphire in India ranges from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 30,000 per carat. For astrological purposes, the most popular jewels are yellow sapphires from Ceylon. Ceylon yellow sapphire prices per carat are much more than those of other yellow sapphires because of their outstanding colour and clarity. Compared to Ceylon yellow sapphires, Thailand’s yellow sapphires are less expensive. But yellow sapphires, often known as Pukhraj stones, are just as expensive and come from Thailand. The correct heat treatment gives Thailand’s yellow sapphire a more dazzling tint, which drives up the price in India. However, because of the treatment, yellow sapphires in Bangkok are less expensive than those in other parts of the world. Bangkok’s stones are also less desirable since they aren’t very uncommon. A stone’s rarity is a crucial factor in determining its value.

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