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Possible benefits of consuming green tea

by priaanca_singh

With everyday stress and other issues around us, we tend to put on lot of weight. Green tea is best among other beverages and is the best hydrating drink you can have to keep yourself fit throughout the day. As the green tea contains many natural compounds, they make many health benefits including reducing stress levels, alleviating the inflammation and assists in fighting against many cancers. 

The major compound EGCG and catechins assists in preventing cellular damage and thus provides lot many health benefits. Here in this article, we will bring you across some of the health benefits of consuming green tea:

  • Contains lot of nutrients in it

Within a cup of green tea, you can find lot of nutritional punch, and these includes – caffeine, amino acids and fluoride. As the green tea contains high levels of compounds, the tea remains the top beverage in many parts of the globe. As this the purest form of nutritional beverage, it helps in providing the strength and helps in weight loss as well. 

  • Helps in weight loss

The major benefit of consuming the green tea is that it assists in weight loss. The caffeine that is present in the tea will suppress the appetite and also increase the calorie burning by thermogenesis. If you are having the high calorie diet, then this might be working and if you are restricted yourself with the basic calorie diet, consuming green tea will do wonders in assisting weight loss. 

  • Contains protective polyphenols

The polyphenols are the rich source in green tea and this assists by protecting our body from many diseases. Additionally, it helps in addition contribution to the healthy diet as it contains antioxidants. The flavonoid in the green tea helps to reduce weight quickly and upon regular consumption, you can find significant difference. 

  • Increases the function of brain

The natural stimulants that are present in the green tea keeps your brain alert and focus on the thinks you are doing. The natural compounds in the green tea, gives a relaxing effect and the mood enhancing chemicals will keep you active throughout the day. The GABA and dopamine present in the green tea keeps your brain active and the polyphenols assists in slowing the aging process in the brain cells. 

  • Enhances fast burning of calories

Research said that the green tea consumption will boost the metabolic rate of the body by increasing the burning of fat. The natural compounds in the green tea burns calories faster and thus assists in many ways in improving your health. It also keeps your brain cells active for long time and keeps you alert throughout the day. 

  • Reduces the cardio issues

Here is another benefit of consuming the green tea. It reduces the risk of heart related issues and other associated problems. Consuming the green tea daily, will keep your cholesterol level in check and thus reduces the weight of the body at short time. You can now buy green tea online to get more health benefits right away. 


When you wanted to have many health benefits, consuming the green tea will surely give the above benefits in short time. 


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