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Planning A Camping Trip? Make Sure To Carry These Things!

by eada

When you are sure you are booking an overseas adventure camping trip, you need to book the right flights first. 

The next thing is booking the limo hire Brisbane service for airport transfer. Another big thing to do is pack right. But hold on, are you packing it relevantly—and apt for the camping trip?  Read on to know the must-haves for a camping trip abroad.

Flashlight And Batteries 

When planning a campers’ trip, always ensure that you carry your flashlight that is well backed with extra batteries. This helps you steer through unwarranted power failures or sail through places without power availability, on the trip. Camping trips are not similar to checking in at a hotel for a day of sightseeing, after all!

Power Bank 

When traveling, mobile phones and all related gadgets are the first things to get discharged. Therefore, it is foolhardy to not carry a backup for keeping those batteries charged. A power bank is a boon for such reasons. Only thing you need to ensure is that the power bank is well charged first so that it can fulfill its purpose. 

First Aid And Medicines 

You might not get quick access to a pharmacist when on a camping trip. Ensure that you carry the relevant first aid stuff and medicines on the trip. This saves you from losing on time, when and if a medical issue crops up. Fill in your usual prescriptions pills and ensure that you pack these at the right place, where you can access the same on need.

Ergonomic bag

Invest in a good quality daypack or satchel that is comfortable to carry and has enough pockets to organize your knickknacks. While there may be lots of fancies (but cheap) options available, it helps to get one with ergonomic features so that it doesn’t end up hurting your back and shoulders. Remember, you will practically be walking around with it all day! Ensure that you have ample compartments too and separate slots to carry bottles and electronics.

Waterproof Passport Holder 

If we had a penny for every time people got their passports wet or damaged…oh, well you get the point. Your passport is the most precious travel document – make sure you have something to protect and keep it safe! And yes, campers do plan extensive camping trips that require international travel! 

Sleep Aids 

Camping trips are anything but comfortable in terms of sleep. While a lightweight throw or blanket is optional, a travel pillow is an absolute must. The latter comes in various shapes, sizes and variants – take your pick from inflatable, bead-filled, memory foam, or polystyrene. Nowadays, you get self-inflating models that spring to size when you take them out of their bags, while also being super compact to carry around.

Luggage scale 

This applies when you are camping somewhere far away, and need to take a flight to the destination. As airlines continue to tighten their baggage allowances with every passing day, it helps to have a portable luggage scale so that you are spared those extra baggage fees. Although you can always weigh your baggage on a regular weighing scale before leaving for the airport (although you would agree that it is awkward, unwieldy, and rather inaccurate), the real need to check the kilos is AFTER you’re done with all the holiday shopping.

Discreet Money Belt

No, we’re not talking fanny packs here because they just look hideous and do nothing to protect your valuables. Get yourself a slim money belt instead, one that you can wear discreetly under your clothing to store your cash and documents. Tip: get a waterproof one if possible.

Summing Up

A camping trip can be a delight when planned right. It can also be a disaster when not envisioned right. Getting the basics right will help save you both money and time for the camping trip. Go along and plan it right.

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