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Pigmented Lips: Tips and; Tricks To Manage and Prevent

by mehrotrasaanvi

What is Lip Pigmentation?

Lip pigmentation occurs when the lip color is darkened due to an excess creation of melanin. This could be caused by a variety of reasons. The face is covered with about 16 skin layers, but our lips and eyelids do not. The lips only have about 5-6 layers, and it’s very susceptible to damage. The reason they have that pinkish hue are the blood vessels underneath the thin skin layers. Let’s take a look at some reasons your lips could be a shaded.

What causes the appearance of pigmentation on the Lips?

1. Sun Exposure

The harmful sun’s rays can harm our skin quickly and the damage can get worse for our lips, as they are prone to aging and have thin skin. We often do not apply sunscreen to our lips, it’s crucial to select an item for our lips that contains SPF, so that we don’t miss any the protection of our lips. You can also apply your body’s SPF cream to your lips.

2. Medicines

Certain drugs, such as oral contraceptives, alter the hormones in your body and cause the appearance of your lips. Cytotoxic medicines prescribed to treat illnesses such as cancer, mental health and more can alter the color of your lips too.

3. Dehydration

The skin is prone to dryness and vulnerable to damage as there is no barrier that can be created without water. Certain routines like drinking coffee or consumption of alcohol makes your body, and ultimately the skin dry. The most common ingredient we consume is caffeine, which can be found in tea and coffee. Caffeine is a diuretic, and can cause dehydration of your lips. Therefore, limit your intake of caffeine or drink enough fluids in order to make sure that the caffeine does not alter the water levels of your skin. If you’re addicted to caffeine You can change to a beverage with less caffeine to cut down on your intake.

4. Smoking

Tobacco is a source of nicotine that does not only stain your lips and teeth but also causes free radicals that can damage the skin barrier. External factors can attack your skin and cause the appearance of pigmentation.

5. Lips are repeatedly licked and biting Lips

Biting is not a good idea because your skin is sensitive and you’re damaging it by breaking the skin. When you’re licking your skin you might think that it aids in reducing the dehydration. It’s actually opposite. Saliva is a source of enzymes such as maltase, amylase and maltase that cause skin to become dry and cause them to become more dry.

6. Not Exfoliating

It’s important to get off dead skin layers off your lips to ensure that your lips do not crack and become dehydrated. Exfoliation is also beneficial in improving blood circulation , which gives your lips that beautiful pink color. However, using too much or harsh exfoliators can cause irritation for lips, so choose the gentle exfoliator.

7. Medical Health

When you have cancer, or a syndrome like Laugier-Hunziker’s syndrome, Peutz-Jeghers and hemochromatosis, your skin may show hyperpigmentation or black spots around the lips and mouth. If you’re suffering from these conditions there’s nothing that you could do about it other than consult an expert dermatologist who can treat them.

What are the best ways to Stop Pigmented Lips?

1. Make sure your lips are protected

Lips need SPF more than your face skin. UV rays that cause harm easily get into the lips’ skin and cause pigmentation. Also, you can utilize umbrellas and buckets to protect not only your lips , but as well your entire face. Find out more about SPF here.

2. Stop Smoking

Nicotine does not do much good for the skin or your lung. Our blood requires hemoglobin, oxygen, and water to give it the red color. However, when you are exposed to nicotine the blood loses its color and blood vessels (blood vessels) health is deteriorated. It’s a bad thing for your lungs, lips and your the skin.

3. Washing Your Lips After Drinking and Eating

A lot of times, certain types of spicy food items, when placed in our mouths, they burn it. The body is calling melanin (a brown body pigment) to keep our skin protected from external elements. The result is brown spots and pigments that surround your lips and mouth. Make sure you clean the mouth following eating, drinking alcohol, caffeine and other beverages.

What are the ways to Treatment of the appearance of your Lips?

1. Scrubbing

To ensure that your lips products are doing their job on your skin, you must be sure that dead skin cells are removed to reveal a new surface. Scrubbing can also remove all airborne elements and toothpaste, food or drinks that are on your lips, and damages the lips.

2. Applying SPF

As we discussed this subject earlier, it’s important to apply SPF on your lips. This is a common mistake that we often overlook because we aren’t aware of its significance. Make sure you invest in a quality lip balm that will help nourish and protect your lips to ensure there’s no harm to your lips.

3. Applying Moisturiser

When you’re massaging all that great of a moisturiser onto your face, rub a little on your lips, too. It might not be enough, however. Make sure you add an hydrating lip mask or an balm for your lips. The lip mask we’d suggest for chapped and dry lips is the Alanna Lip Buttermask with Cocoa butter as well as Vitamin E to moisturize your lips.

4. Be Careful With Lipsticks

To prevent further damage following coloring, you should stop using any kind of lipstick. Certain lipsticks are made of heavy metals and could cause damage and darkening of your lips. The lipsticks that you see listed on our site do not contain chemical nasties or heavy metals.

5. Ice Them

Ice therapy, also called cryotherapy relaxes your skin and helps to firm it by increasing the skin’s elasticity. Choose a few frozen cubes, wrap the cubes with a muslin towel and gently place them on your lips. It is also possible to apply Isa Ice Therapy that can be applied to your lips, and applied to any body part that requires a little.

A few DIY methods to Treatment Lips with Pigmented Skin?

1. Honey and Sugar

It is also a natural source of humectant, which draws moisture from the surrounding while sugar is an natural exfoliator. Make sure that the sugar granules aren’t too large. Blend it in honey, then gently apply it to your lips. It can also be used as a lip treatment when you leave it on for 20 mins after exfoliating your lips.

2. Rose Petals And Rosehip Oil

Rose petals can be a natural lip conditioner that helps to nourish and soften. Soak Rose petals in rosehip oil for a night and apply it at the beginning of the day as an balm for your lips. Rosehip oil has been known to combat pigmentation because of its presence of Vitamins Essential Fatty Acids and phenols. It is also a great option for the face.

3. Aloe Vera Turmeric

Aloe Vera is believed to heal and soothe your skin. Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties because of its curcumin content it. Mix aloe vera and Turmeric and spread the mixture on your lips to create an lip mask to treat your lips. Clean it off within 15 minutes. Be careful not to add excessive Turmeric as it could leave natural yellow staining on your skin that will wash away quickly.

4. Pomegranate Juice Strawberry Juice

This is as beneficial as it is delicious. The pomegranate contains a chemical called punicalagin which assists in controlling melanin production. Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants that can help brighten your lips. Together, they create an ideal combination to give your skin a subtle pinkish tint and enhance their appearance.

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