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Pick the Best Climbing Sticks For Travelers And Hunters

by tabari.timoth

For this review, we found that Ranger Expert and Yard Guider have information that is incredibly useful for shopping for the best stick climbers for your next hunting trip. Be sure to get acquainted with the different types, brands, and features of each type of climbing stick before making your final purchase in order to best suit your needs for your next hunting trip.


In this post, I have listed the best hunting climbing sticks on the market right now, and I have compared their specifications to help you decide on which sticks the best suit your particular style of hunting.

Here, I am going to introduce four of the best hunting climbing sticks which are very similar to buying a Kids Travel Backpack, with their features, benefits, and downsides, so you can just pick one that best suits your needs. We tried to simplify your choice by doing our research and breaking down some of the more popular sticks on the market, covering each sticks specifications and best features and then comparing these features with its price to help you decide which climbing stick is the best fit.

Best Climbing Sticks

We tested 10 sets of the best climbing sticks, and we found that the Lone Wolf climbing sticks are the best climbing sticks for tree stands and slingshots. Our staff tested every one of the best stick climbing sticks, and the Lone Wolf Climbing sticks are the clear winner as the best stick for getting into tree stands with a harness. The last characteristic that you should take into consideration when choosing the best hunting stick for your harness is step setup and spacing. Those that have steps sticking out from either side of the stick are safer, as you can always get both feet up the pitch.

stick climb setup

If you are planning on keeping your stick climb setup on a single tree, or group of trees, in one area for a whole hunting season, this is still an excellent choice. The reasoning behind this is that if your initial location of the hunt is not a good one, or you wish to test out a new area, then a stick allows for easy relocation to a different spot. When the morning hunting arrives, Stacked Ladder sticks quickly attach to any tree, providing a stable, secure platform to ascend.

Ladder Sticks

The possibilities are limitless while hunting with the strongest, stablest Ladder Sticks on the market. Whether more hunters are taking the Midwestern circuit than ever before, or heading into Montana, a Stacked Ladder Stick is a must-have hunting tool for the traveling hunter. This stick climber is one of the best choices for longer hunting trips where you have to carry a climbing stick into the forest.

M210 from Millennium

While it might be pricier than other models made from steel, such as the M210 from Millennium Treestands and Big Dog 20 Double-Step Mountaineering Stick, I found that it is built to last longer and that its double-step is easier to use. The Lone Wolf Alpha treestand and the sticks are designed to pack tightly, making for a very affordable, simple-to-use system. Durability As hunters, we want our hunting gear to last long, to allow us to use it confidently year after year, and our stick climbers are no different.

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