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Phantom vs Vandal || which is best?

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In this era of the FPS games, Valorant has earned immense popularity among the players. It is a multiplayer 5v5 first-person shooting game that has become famous due to its excellent graphics, weapons, agents, and gameplay. Similarly, Phantom and Vandal are the two most popular rifles in Valorant.

However, a never-ending debate is always there regarding these two rifles and which is the best one to grab. So, we prepared this guide on Phantom vs Vandal so that you can pick up the best one. Both these weapons are almost similarly powerful and require the same credit amount to buy Valorant Accounts.

These similarities make it difficult for beginners, and high-level players to make the perfect choice between these two. Let’s make it clear, so stay tuned till the end!

Stats, Pros, and Cons of Phantom and Vandal –

To get a better understanding of both these weapons, let’s go through their stats, pros, and cons.

Phantom –

This popular fully-automatic weapon requires about 2,900 credits to buy. Its magazine size is 30 bullets and the damage caused depends on the range of the target which decreases with the target distance. The maximum damage is 156 health points that decrease to 140 and then 124 if the target is about 50m away.

Without the scope, the primary fire rate of Phantom is 11 shots/second and 9.9 shots/second with the scope. Besides the head damage, body damage ranges from 31 to 39 while that of leg damage is 26 to 33.

Advantages –

  • Silenced rifle.
  • Controllable spray shots.
  • The fire rate is fast.
  • The magazine size is large enough.
  • Spray transfer is also better.
  • Good for close to medium-range encounters.

Disadvantages –

  • Phantom’s damage falls off at a mark of 15 to 30m.
  • At 30m to 50m range, the damage reduces again.

Vandal –

Similar to the Phantom, this weapon also requires 2.9k credits. However, the magazine size of Vandal is a bit lower than Phantom, which is 25. The biggest difference between the two is the constant damage, unlike Phantom which gets decreased with the distance.

The head damage that the Vandal offers is 160 health points while the body and leg damages are 40 and 34 respectively. Without a scope, Vandal features 9.25 shots per second while it is 8.23 shots in one second when scoped in.

Advantages –

  • The range is much better than the other.
  • It features one-shot and one-kill at the mark of 50m.
  • This also works perfectly for tapping.

Disadvantages –

  • Controlling it is a bit difficult.
  • The fire rate is slower.
  • The magazine size is smaller than Phantom.
  • The spray transfer is not good at all.

Phantom vs Vandal: which is the best Valorant rifle?

As per the stats, Vandal can be considered slightly better than the Phantom. The one-shot, one-kill potential makes it a perfect choice while tapping, and thus it can be a good choice in case of an open site or long corridors.

However, the close-quarter Valorant maps make Phantom an ideal choice too. For the Breeze map which is a long-range gun battle, Vandal can be the best choice. But in the case of Icebox, Phantom can be suitable.

Featuring a larger magazine size with a fast fire rate, Phantom can cause a good deal of damage at the targets. Controlling this rifle is also easier with a consistent spray than the Vandal. Besides, the lack of bullet tracers in the Phantom rifle is also beneficial during spraying through smokes or while running.

On the other side, Vandal has erratic spray control and is also inconsistent in closer ranges. So, the final choice entirely depends on you. Both these rifles come with their positives and negatives depending on the scenarios. So, the map, site, playstyle, and positions must be considered for choosing between these two rifles.

Hope this guide has cleared the confusion regarding the best rifle between the two from your mind. Both are powerful rifles in Valorant and hence the choice depends on you depending on your playstyle, maps, and comfort.

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