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Oval face shape: The ideal face shape for all eyeglasses

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We are often told that we should wear eyeglasses according to our face shapes and sizes. The reason for this is that wearing the right pair of glasses shapes our look. With different glasses our appeal changes and that makes us look different and noticeable to others.


There are various face shapes and sizes of a man which make them wear different eyewear. One of them is the oval-shaped face which is very attractive and suits all kinds of glasses. Oval also suit people with an oval face shape


Oval face-shaped people look good on any glasses. But the most suited sunglasses for them are the square, cat-eyes, regular, round, and double-bridge. These glasses will compliment the face shapes and the looks and hence makes a person presentable.


In all the above glasses one gets the option of leopard print. Leopard glasses look super bold and funky and are suitable for almost every purpose. These glasses are also suitable for almost every outfit. 


How to identify an oval face shape?


It is not very difficult to identify an oval face-shaped person, yet it is not so easy as well. To identify whether the person is having an oval face shape or any other face shape, you need to remember the following-


An oval face-shaped person has a broad forehead and long and wide cheekbones which narrows down slightly towards the forehead and the jaw. This face shape is said to be the most balanced face shape of all. The unique feature of this face shape is that it does not have any hard or sharp features.


If you have an oval face shape, avoid wearing thin frames or frames with any significant design. If this is not kept in mind, these will lengthen the face feature unnecessarily. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and others have oval-shaped faces and they style with almost every pair of sunglasses.


Glasses for oval faces


Though this face shape suits every glass, certain specific suits are the best in this face shape. They are as follows-


  • Rectangle glasses- These are said to be the safest option among all. The rectangle is suitable for all face shapes and sizes but compliments the most oval face shape. The pointed angle of the face and the classic rectangular frames gives a professional and studious appeal to the person.


  • Round glasses- Round are also another good option for this face shape. Wearing funky or bold round with a leopard print from the latest collection of glasses is a fantastic choice to rule the night party.


  • Cat-eye- The most loved frame by the women are this cat-eye. These glasses are best suited for a female who has a bold and sophisticated appeal in an oval face shape. Wearing them anywhere makes them highlight the facial features.


  • Browline glasses- Since the forehead is broad and we find a narrow portion while moving upwards from the jaws, these highlights the eyebrows and the upper part of the facial features.

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