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Perfect office cleaning checklist

by Multi Cleaning
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Do you have a perfect office cleaning checklist to follow?

This can save you a lot of time, effort, and money because of the quality finish that it offers in a short span. A well-thought-out office cleaning can provide you with tons of benefits like a seamless process that you can consistently fall back on. There will be no room for errors or inconsistencies if you have an office cleaning checklist that is followed by professional cleaners.

Here are some of the general office cleaning guidelines that professional cleaners recommend:

  1. Follow a procedure and stick to guidelines

This simple adaptation can take the quality of your cleaning routine a long way forward. Several international bodies like OSHA and CDC have been devising new regulatory protocols every now and then that the cleaners can follow. Bodies like safe work Australia also recommends a lot of cleaning itineraries, plan of action, and other recommendations that you can simply adhere to.

This has been especially handy during the pandemic when there was very little knowledge about the effective practices of disinfection cleaning routines. You can also pick your supplies after seeing if they are approved by agencies like EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or if they carry a DfE label (Design For the Environment).

  1. A detailed plan of action

Beginning your cleaning routine by getting everything ready prior will reduce a lot of delays or back and forth. The plan that any professionals who offer office cleaning services bring your way should be personalized to suit your demands and expectations.

The checklist that they bring your way should look something like the following. You can also use this by modifying it to your preferences.

Things you should cover daily:

  • Dust, vacuum, and mop all the floor surface and walls
  • Remove any accumulated dirt from the top of carpets by gentle vacuuming
  • Wipe furniture with appropriate solutions
  • Complete corner-to-corner coverage of restrooms according to your foot traffic and disinfect even multiple times a day accordingly.
  • Disinfect touch-prone points like furniture, doorknobs, elevator buttons, flush handles, taps, dispenser buttons, and other areas
  • Sanitise all the floor areas to add a protective layer on top of the freshly cleaned premises.

Areas that you need to cover each week:

  • Deep cleaning of your toilets and kitchen areas
  • Complete sanitization of floor spaces
  • Look for any cobweb accumulation on the high ceiling and dust them as necessary
  • Clean your carpets and window blinds with any intensity of cleaning as required
  • Wash the trash cans
  • Thorough window glass cleaning and leaving it with a streak-free finish.

Deep cleaning checklist:

  • Make sure you do it in the after-hours when the traffic of your clientele or employees is low
  • The entire end-to-end of your premises should be freed away from dust accumulations first
  • Pick a disinfectant that is green and is globally approved for its efficiencies by bodies like OSHA and CDC
  • Apply your disinfectants to all the places in the right manner. Aerosol disinfection has been proven to be effective by global bodies that you can give a try.
  • Remove any accumulated stains by wiping or scrubbing as necessary to give your premises a look of a fresh twist.
  1. Do it on the greenway

As a business owner, you need to make conscious decisions that will retain the quality of your cleaning procedure. You should adapt to routines that are sustainable in nature. Pick up supplies that are completely organic and eco-friendly in nature. Commercial cleaning services will bring all the supplies and equipment that your cleaning procedure needs.

But beware, there are a lot of knock-off products that you should steer away from if you want to do your routine right. Always look for one or the other product recognition like EPA approval or a DfE label.

  1. Hire professional help when you need it

As a business owner, carpet cleaning might be the least of all focus for you. But it is mandatory that you maintain your premises to remain crisp in nature from corner to corner. This will garner an excellent first impression for your brand while also ensuring that your employees are surrounded by the most productive space ever.

Cleaning mishaps are not so uncommon. It can shatter your operational costs by adding a considerable sum that you need to spend on repairs and replacements. At Multi Cleaning, we offer comprehensive third-party liability coverage and workers’ compensation schemes to make the entire process seamless for you.

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