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Notice Writing Format Introduction, Format and Rules you Must Follow

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Business communication, often known as formal communication, is an essential part of communication. Formal correspondence, memoranda, and circulars are all examples of corporate communication. A notice is another vital tool for the same purpose. Learn the definition of notices and the specifics of notice-writing.

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What is Notice Writing?

Notices are a sort of official communication directed to a specific individual or group of individuals. It is similar to a news article telling such individuals of an important occurrence. This may include an invitation to a meeting, a notice of any event, directions, pleas, etc.

Typically, it is written and then posted in a public location, where it is available to everyone. They may be affixed on bulletin boards. If it is intended for a larger audience, it may be published in a newspaper. When the government issues notice, they must be published in national and local newspapers.

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The Notice Writing Format

Since notice are official documents, they must adhere to a structure and format. Keep in mind that there is no one ideal “notice writing format”. There may be variances in the forms utilised by various people/organizations. For simplicity of comprehension and consistency, it is preferable to adhere to a structure that is fairly comparable. Consider the most common format for notice.


Name of Issuing Organization/Authority: At the very top, you must provide the name of the individual or organisation responsible for issuing the notice. This will assist the reader determine if the notices are relevant to him.


When composing notice, we include the word “NOTICE” at the top. This helps provide focus to the document. Typically, notices are put in public places or published in newspapers. It is crucial that they do not get overwhelmed by information. Therefore, a strong title that is clearly stated helps attract attention.


Date: Following the left-hand tile, we provide the date when the notice were published. Since this is an official document, the date is essential, since these records are kept permanently.


Then, we will proceed to an acceptable heading for the notice. This headline should make the objective of the notice very clear.


Following the headline, the notice’s concise and direct body is composed. The body contains the notice’s primary material.


Name of the Author: At the conclusion of each notice, we provide the author’s name and title. The notice must also be signed by the same individual for authority and legal standing.

Notice Body Content

Notice should include certain key elements that must be delivered to the audience. Let us recap the five points that the notice’s body will address, the five W’s.


What: What does the notice pertain to? The message should be specific about what will occur (event) or what has already occurred (occasion). This is the message’s core and must be expressed clearly. There should be no uncertainty.


If the announcement is about an event, the location of the event must be specified explicitly. Important facts include the venue or location, so be sure to include these in the announcement.


This is the date and time of the event or gathering. If feasible, the length of the event should also be communicated so that attendees may plan their schedules properly.


Who: This will be the recipient of the notice. Who is required to comply with the notice should be specified to prevent misunderstanding.


Whom: The last item should be who to contact or approach. This specifies the authority that should be contacted.

Important Considerations Regarding Notice Writing

Be specific and concise. Ideal notice length is 50 words, and accurate wording is valued.

As this is a formal mode of communication, the language used should also be formal. No fancy language.

Keep the phrases brief and the vocabulary minimal. Since notice are often short, it is essential to make them straightforward.

Use passive voice as far as feasible.

Place your notice in an appropriate box format. The display should be tidy and hence visually attractive.

Example Solved for You NoticeWriting Format

Q: On Diwali, your housing association has organised a feast for all of its members. As the chairman of your society, you must send an invitation to all members of the organisation. Provide all pertinent information.


ABC Co-operative Housing Society


25th October 2017,

Diwali Gathering

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the Society has organized a gathering followed by dinner. All members of the society are requested to attend the event in the clubhouse of the society at 8:00 pm on the 30th of October.


Chairman of ABC Co-operative Housing Society

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