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NBA 2K23 Gameplay Changes

by ClausOliver
NBA 2K23 Gameplay Changes

There are many changes to NBA 2K23 gameplay, which can be seen in the information revealed by 2K Sports. The information includes trailers and gameplay changes for NBA 2K23.

We already know many changes in this game. Such as NBA 2K23 animation changes, which will save us a lot of 2K23 MT. Among them, the most changed is the gameplay of NBA 2K23, such as Shooting, Defense, Badges, and other changes. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to the changes to NBA 2K23 gameplay.

NBA 2K23 Gameplay Changes

Shooting changes

The main change in NBA 2K23 is the addition of shooting attributes. This attribute gives each signature jumper unique shooting stats that help determine its effectiveness. There are also 5 new shooting meters to choose from, and 15 more to unlock in upcoming seasons.

Pro Stick Enhancements

New gesture combinations have been added to the Pro Stick. This introduces us to many new shooting and ball-handling new weapons. Dunks have also received new instructions so that we can dunk accurately without incident.

Skill Moves & Adrenaline Boosts

The new gesture combo adds more ball-handling and shooting options to a player’s offensive arsenal. Additionally, a new feature that prevents over-dribbling is the concept of adrenaline boosting. Boosts are consumed when the player performs an explosive sprint. After the player’s three boosts disappear, their speed and acceleration will drop significantly. So we must pay attention to the consumption of boosts when we conduct a game.


The defense has a major update designed to create more realistic defenses and blocks. Blocks in NBA 2K23 have become more realistic, allowing players to predict the outcome of a shot. A good player can stop after a certain number of attempts. The chances of scoring goals for these elite players will also increase significantly.


NBA 2K23 introduces a new tiered badge system for players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. There will be 16 badges per attribute category: 8 for Tier 1, 4 for Tier 2, and 4 for Tier 3. The basic idea is that the player needs to equip a certain number of badges at lower levels to be able to equip them at the highest level.


While primary and secondary takeovers have not changed, team takeovers have been redesigned. Team Takeover is a collaborative team system where the entire team shares a single gauge. The new design better reflects what it means for the team to take over the game as a whole.

AI Gameplay

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players will notice improvements in AI ball handling, pick-and-roll execution, defensive tendencies, and coaching decisions. As on Tuesday night in Phoenix, if Devin Booker dominated the game, opposing coaches would make tactical adjustments to stop him. Teams will now also dynamically adjust to doing this in NBA 2K23.

That’s it for the changes to NBA 2K23’s gameplay, including many details. These changes will bring us a better gaming experience.

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