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Must-Do Summer Activities In Malta This Year

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Malta has been welcomed by summer in its entire splendor. Summer is the finest season to explore the Mediterranean waters and rustic landscapes of the archipelago, as the sun shines brighter and there is more daylight. Malta has one of the world’s most pleasant summer climates. Summer in Malta is vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful. In addition to nature’s gifts, Malta’s summers are also characterized by several festivals and events. Here are some of the enjoyable summertime activities you’ll find there:

Attend Wine Festivals

The wine festivals return to Malta this season after a two-year hiatus due to the epidemic. In August, the Delicata Wine Festival will take place. The Delicata Wine Festival is a celebration of all that is great about Maltese wine. Coinciding with the beginning and conclusion of the Maltese grape harvest, the Delicata Classic Wine Festival spans four days in Valletta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens and three days in Nadur, Gozo.

The Marsovin Summer Wine Event is an additional popular Maltese wine festival that will soon return. The event is typically held in July, however this year it will be held on August 2 and 3. Marsovin, a prominent Maltese wine company with over a century of history, will showcase 30 of their world-class wines made from grapes grown in Malta and Gozo.

Enjoy Festas

Maltese Festas are the finest chance to connect with locals and learn about Malta’s centuries-old customs. This year, the authorities have loosened covid rules. Thus, festas will return to their original capacity.

The Maltese celebrate their patron saints with an annual celebration that is predominantly religious. Depending on the number of churches in the region, each hamlet has one or two separate patron saints. There are churches dedicated to each saint. Consequently, several localities celebrate many festivals annually.

What can you anticipate from Festas? An inexhaustible amount of food, beverages, parades, colors, and sounds! The interiors of the churches are adorned with holy artifacts and tapestries in honor of the Festa. The town plaza is adorned with constructions resembling gigantic Spanish fans with woven images of patron saints.

Some festivals have already occurred, but the hectic season is still to come. During June, July, and August, there will be over fifty festas. Check to see whether a neighboring Festa is taking place if you plan to travel during these months.

Get A Healthy Tan

When you visit Malta, you must automatically visit the beach. The country’s magnificent coastlines are lined with dozens of beach parties Malta. Obtain a healthy tan while basking in the magnificent Maltese sun on a stunning Maltese beach. However, ensure that you arrive early. Otherwise, it will be difficult to locate parking.

Indulge Your Taste Buds With A Maltese Delicacy

Maltese food is one of the most treasured aspects of the island country. If you do not taste the local cuisine while you are there, you will be losing out on a lot. The unique cuisine is what sets this restaurant apart from the competition. Be sure to experience everything, from the legendary local pasta to the renowned peasant-style food. Locals like the rabbit dish, but if it’s too daring for you or you’re a vegetarian, there are many more options.

Chartering A Boat Will Elevate Your Party To The Next Level

Take a respite from the traffic by chartering a boat on the canals. Malta’s highways are busier than ever during tourist season. To escape the headache of traffic and parking, lease a boat for the day and set sail towards the best swimming and scuba diving areas nearby. You will be able to appreciate the calming ocean wind and breathtaking views of the Maltese coastline.

Go Diving

When it comes to scuba diving, many individuals experience anxiety. Malta is the greatest spot to step out of your comfort zone and eventually try something new. The water temperature is incredibly pleasant, and the possibility of being attacked by a predator is virtually nonexistent. In addition, the water quality here is among the greatest in the world. Underneath the water’s surface, visibility is excellent.

Ensure that you are under the supervision of a local diving professional when engaging in diving activities. There are sunken aircraft and ships in the waters near Malta and Gaza. There are marine sanctuaries where diversity of aquatic creatures can be found.

A diverse assortment of streams and reefs are strewn across the seafloor, creating a dreamlike atmosphere in which minutes will feel like hours. In addition, several cave systems and rock formations may be observed in the vicinity. Undeniably, these make the surrounding environment even lovelier.

Attend The Malta Airshow

The Malta International Airshow might be an additional summertime highlight in Malta. This event often occurs in September, and this year will be no exception. If you will be in Malta between September 24 and September 26, you might consider purchasing tickets to the performance.

It is held on the grounds of Luqa and is renowned for its spectacular aerial display of many types of aircraft in the sky. In addition, it is hosted in SmartCity Malta throughout the afternoon.

Take A Buggy Ride

On the road, very few vehicles can provide as much excitement as a sports buggy. Due to Malta’s tiny size, you can go everywhere in a buggy and spend the day hopping from city to city and beach to beach without worrying about public transportation or parking.

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