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Most Wanted Features Of Food Delivery App In India

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Launching a food delivery clone app could be the best business idea in the post pandemic world. Everything is going online and offline world is reducing. Food delivery sector is thriving every passing year and now it is booming. Only food businesses that have strong online presence have survived. Current generation prefers ordering on food delivery apps instead of going out and risking covid. Food delivery app help peoples in their hectic schedule it make them more comfortable and order food at their own leisure. The demand of such food delivery software can not decline in near future.

How does the food delivery clone app work.

Food delivery clone app is a prefabricated solution with all the regular features an app made for ordering and delivering food from a restaurant would have. It has many benefits and advantages. Here a lists of few advantages of using a food delivery software.

  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • pocket friendly.
  • Time conserving.

The integration of features will help to function smoothly Here is how it work.

The users have to install the food delivery clone app on their device and specify their general information. Including phone no email address. After that they provide location access using google maps or simple input their zip code or city name.

The app will display the restaurants list based on the nearby location to the customer or as per the zip code or city they have provided.. This way the customers can choose their favorite food from the favorite restaurants that are nearby and get delivery of food in less than 15 minutes. Customers have to make payments digitally using a payment gateway or UPI mobile money or COD. After confirmation the manager will get a notification of order request.

After accept the request restaurant manager shall start processing the order and assign the delivery executive.

The delivery executive with the help of GPS feature like google map or apple map will reach the destination or location and deliver to customer.

Important features of food delivery clone app.

Quick login- The users can use their phone no and email address to registration. Otherwise they can opt for social media login to quick access. Ensure that the initial sign up process is not too lengthy.

Smart search filter- with the help of searching filter customers can do quick search without hassles. It makes it easy to browse.

Payment modes – COD and digital payments options make it easy for customers. Digital payment options comprise cards -UPI payments and e wallet etc.

Order tracking. –After booking an order, this feature helps to track their order customers can track their order status easily.

Order management -This feature is available for restaurants manager so they can manage the orders .

Feedback of customers. – Getting feedback from customers is requisite for all apps. This feature helps to know about the customer’s opinions regarding services. Restaurant owners and manager can view this feedbacks and can take necessity actions.

Restaurants Management – You are responsible for adding restaurants names. Also you can remove any restaurants from your list if the restaurants not following the guidelines. Deliveroo clone has one of the best management feature for restaurants.

These are the general features you ought to consider during your app development.

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