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Most Overlooked Costs When Booking a Celebrity

by tinfluencer
Most Overlooked Costs When Booking a Celebrity

Hiring a celebrity for your promotional events and performances is a regular part of a business. But initially, it can be easy to ignore the details that make the process of booking a celebrity run smoothly. One of the major things that you need to take care of while booking a celebrity is managing the expense of affording them. If you do not pay attention closely, then there is a chance of paying much more than you can afford.

Apart from the celebrity’s payment, there are other expenses that must be accounted for in the total amount. Most people do not review all these expenses carefully and that is why they end up spending more than their budget. Here, we will discuss two of the major costs that you need to keep in mind while doing a celebrity booking. Take a look.

Cost of Production

As mentioned before, the earning of the celebrity is not the only cost you have to bear for celebrity appearances. The production of the entire event for booking a celebrity makes up the major portion of the expense. To gauge this amount, you have to understand the costs that are covered under production. To pull off an entire event, you will require-

  1. Proper lighting
  2. Audio rigs
  3. Speakers
  4. Stagehands
  5. Video equipment

You do not just have to invest in these elements mentioned above for a successful event, you have to make sure these are made of good quality materials. Many celebrity artists refuse to negotiate further if the equipment is not up to the mark. Remember that they not only think about your event but also their public image in front of their audience and reputation.

In addition to this, you must keep in mind the cost of any other tool or machinery you have to use during the installation of the equipment needed for their performance like forklifts or ladders. And you also need to arrange for the food and beverage or accommodations for your celebrity artist.

For instance, Jennifer Lopez insists that everything should be white around her, right from tablecloths, drapes, candles, to even furniture. Such demands have to be met if you want to book a celebrity.


Another important part of the celebrity booking expenses is traveling costs. Artists always travel with their entourage. You have to consider flight tickets for them along with their team members. Include the cost of flight, hotels, and even ground transportation. Remember that celebrities can be choosy about their travel as well. That is why you have to consider all the aspects before going ahead.


Celebrities might request certain airlines that they usually travel in. Or they might also request first-class tickets not only for themselves but for some of their team members. This will reduce your opportunity of negotiating with celebrities and reducing your overall expenses.

Ground Transport

You also need to arrange for transport to pick up and drop your celebrities from one place to another. Now they might choose to go in vans or buses as well as go for something high-end like SUVs or Limos. If they choose luxe travels like SUVs or Limos, then you will have more expenses.

Cartage Fee

Another major aspect of your traveling expenses will be cartage. Remember that you also need to transport the equipment of your artists. Along with instruments, they also need to carry their wardrobe. Consider this to be a part of your total expenses as well.

For example, think about the privacy policy of Katy Perry whereby one should always hire well-behaved drivers who will not stare inappropriately and even not speak out of turn or unnecessarily. One will be risking violation of the contracts if such celebrity conditions are not met.

Sometimes, hidden costs are imposed on you by the representatives of celebrities. This can be a huge blow to your budget. And if you sign the contract without considering these, you have to make these payments. Breach of the contract can lead to the cancellation by the artist. Double-check all the expenses in the contract and ask when things are unclear before booking a celebrity.

You should not complain about an artist if you find some sneaky business regarding their fees when you have been ignorant. That is why seek insights from this and take note of the major expenses that are provided in the contract.

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