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Montessori Education in international schools in Singapore

by Aslam Ali

A child is just like a little sapling that needs the right nourishment and light to grow and turn into a fruitful tree. This nourishment and light are crucial during the growth stage, which is why so much importance is given to children’s early education, especially Montessori in a school in Singapore.

Children in Singapore have an option to start schooling as soon as they turn three. Or there are daycare facilities if you want to engage your kids even before they turn three. The first step before they enter formal schooling, they have to attend Kindergarten which prepares them for their academic journey ahead. Shouldn’t this be the most important step then?



Early Childhood Education in international schools at Singapore 

Now, many times you will come across the word, preschool instead of kindergarten. Don’t be confused. These two words are used interchangeably.  In Singapore, the term “preschool” refers to any facility or institution that offers education and early childhood care.

Childcare and Kindergarten, on the other hand, are two types of early childhood education providers that provide preschool programs like Montessori education. Essentially, first you should know the distinction between these two, as they are both classified as preschool.


Difference between Childcare and Kindergarten Schools at Singapore 

  1.   Age Group

Childcare centers accept children from the age of 18 months to the age of six years. Some of the childcare centers may also offer infant care for babies aged two months and up. Whereas, Kindergarten is only open to children aged three to six years old. 

  1.   Class Timings

Childcare centers primarily serve parents who must work but have no one to leave their children with. Each childcare center’s programs differ, but the most common times are full days or half days. Kindergartens typically have programs for children that last no more than three hours. Each school’s exact time varies. 

  1.   Holidays

Childcare centers are only permitted to close for training seven days per year. This does not fall under the scope of the gazetted public holidays and Sundays. Kindergarten and primary schools, on the other hand, share the same holidays as public holidays. 

  1.   Government Subsidies

The government will pay a portion of the fees for childcare centers for Singaporean children. This also depends on whether or not the mother of the child is working and thus the child needs to be admitted to daycare. But for kindergarten school fee is not waived. However, if your income falls below a certain threshold, you may be eligible for financial assistance. 

  1.   Curriculum

The focus of a childcare center’s program can range from academic to play-based. The goal of childcare centers is to ensure that children have a smooth transition into primary school.

Kindergarten programs are more academically focused than childcare centers. The goal is to prepare the children for the challenges that will face when they enter formal schools in Singapore. 

Speaking of curriculum and academic approach, there is an interesting program or type of classroom that is called the ‘Montessori school’, offered in many international schools in Singapore.


Montessori Schools in Singapore

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, developed a child-centered approach to education that has transformed schools around the world. You can tell something is different when you walk into a classroom for the first time. Montessori classrooms are easily identified. Children will be working independently and in groups, often with specially designed learning materials; they will be deeply engaged in their work, and they will be respectful of themselves and their surroundings.

The Montessori Method promotes rigorous, self-motivated growth in all areas of development for children and adolescents—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical. 

Why choose Montessori education in an international school in Singapore?

GMP or the Global Montessori Plus Program offers one of the best Montessori educations in Singapore. This program is available at the Global Indian International School’s Punggol SMART Campus and their East Coast Campus. You should go ahead and choose this school because Individual attention is given to each child at GIIS in order to help them become well-rounded global students. 

Global Indian International School is one of Singapore’s top international schools, benchmarked its curriculum against the best programs available worldwide. Its vision is to become not only the Best International School in Singapore but also to set global standards in education and learning methodologies.

Having your child study a Montessori education at this institution will be a well-researched and well-planned decision. Take a step further to your child’s brighter future and opt for this curriculum at GIIS Singapore.

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