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Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension

Login As Customer for Magento 2

by MageAnts
magento 2 login as customer extension

Magento 2 Login As Customer extension enables store admin to log in to customer account from the backend in one click and follow any process as customer experiences. This excellent tool for customer service helps store owners resolve customers’ account-related issues during the shopping and checkout process.

Now, a customer can quickly and efficiently check issues within a specific customer account or purchasing process with this simple and fast solution of MageAnts.

Key Features:

  • Store admin can quickly login as a customer
  • Assists customers with their account issues
  • Admin can view the store from the customer’s perspective
  • Easy for admin to track and record customer login attempts
  • Easy to configure and install


For customers unfamiliar with online shopping, the help of a store admin is really important. So, the admin should have the ability to log in to customer accounts to support them in purchasing. Magento 2 Login As Customer extension helps store owners to look at the store from a shopper’s point of view and trace any issues (faced by customers) by logging into the customer’s account without a user ID and password.

Enrich the shopping and customer experience and beat your competition with MageAnts Magento 2 Login as Customer module.

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