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Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension

Image Gallery for Magento 2

by MageAnts
Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension

Magento 2 Image Gallery extension allows the store admin to easily upload and showcase product images and videos in the gallery. This great tool allows store owners to make their stores more authentic and visually appealing.

Now it is easy for the store admin to create an eye-catchy photo gallery page and display image galleries & videos on product and category pages. Store owners can create multiple image gallery categories and assign them to the images.

Key Features:

  • Store admin can create an unlimited number of image categories without any restriction
  • Get complete control of the product photo gallery from the admin panel
  • Store owners can categorize the images and organize them in a better way
  • Set multiple categories for multiple images
  • Admin can add videos to the gallery
  • Easy to configure and install


Showcasing beautiful product images on the eCommerce store can be a real sales booster. Magento 2 Image Gallery is an excellent plugin that helps store owners create an image gallery from scratch, and this advanced form of product visuals helps store owners bolster sales and gain client trust.

Make your web pages more user-friendly with MageAnts well-organized image display extension.

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