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Living in Amobb Condominium, in the Botanical Garden Lot is a good option?

by Conceito Job

The residential condominium emerged in the decade of the United States of America, and are growing increasingly in Brazil-style Amobb condominiums, in the Botanical Garden Plot. According to the Brazilian Association of Condominiums (ABC), the number of condominiums has grown about in the last five years. This growth makes the question: is living in a condominium a good option? A relevant issue for thousands of Brazilians.

In this article, we will explore the main reasons that lead people to opt for this type of housing. When analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of living in a condominium, it is concluded that, yes, living in a condominium is a great choice. See why: Advantages: Security Security is the main advantage of living in a condominium. In the most organized condominiums, there are frequent security rounds, monitoring cameras and access control. In addition, residents are obliged to respect the bylaws, which decreases the chances of crimes occurring.

Social gathering Condominiums offer their residents a number of social benefits, such as parties, sporting events, dance classes and other recreational activities. These events promote social interaction among residents, which favors the development of positive and friendly relationships. Infrastructure The infrastructure of an

Amobb Condominium is another advantage. The most organized condominiums offer several amenities to their residents, such as playgrounds, swimming pools, party halls, sports courts and barbecue grills.

 The maintenance of the amobb condominium infrastructure is the responsibility of the administrator, which eliminates the need for residents to worry about it. In addition, the maintenance of the common areas is done periodically, which ensures that the condominium is always in perfect condition.

Disadvantages: Cost The cost of living in a condominium is a disadvantage. The amounts charged for monthly fees can be a little high, especially if the condominium is well equipped and has a good infrastructure. Consumption The consumption of water, electricity and gas are divided among the residents of a condominium. This can result in an increase in the cost of consumption of some residents. Routine The routine established in the Botanical Garden Lot can be a bit confined to some residents. Social events and the rules of the bylaws may limit the freedom of residents. Disorder Disorder is a disadvantage of living in a condominium. Some residents may leave their unit dirty, noisy or disorganized, which can annoy other residents. In conclusion, living in a condominium is a good option for those looking for security, social interaction, amenities and infrastructure maintenance. The cost of tuition may be a bit high, but it is worth the benefits offered.


With the growing supply of real estate in the market, living in Lote Jardim Botânico has become a good option for those seeking safety, practicality and convenience, and with this model of construction more possibilities of ideas of expansion of the room to a more functional house.

In addition to security, the condominiums offer a number of services and facilities that provide convenience and convenience for residents. The main services are: concierge, security, conservation, administration, laundry, ballroom, barbecue, swimming pool and gym. Another reason that leads people to choose to live in a condominium is the ease of locomotion. Many condominiums are located in easily accessible regions, close to shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and other services.

Lote Jardim Botânico and Amobb Condomínio are excellent options, they are different needs for each taste, after all, everything must be relevant when conquering our dear home sweet home, so evaluate each information well.

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