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Lemon Kush – Marijuana Seeds

by Mayur Bhatt
Lemon Kush - Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Kush strain feminized is a cross between Critical and a Kush from the mountains of the same name between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Lemon Kush is very easy to grow and grows quite large for the genetics it is, whether grown indoors or outdoors.

This strain is mostly Indica touch Sativa. Its appearance is quite compact, it develops very dense buds and at the end of flowering it hits a small growth spurt, so you have to make sure that it ends well. herb flavor citrus, with a strong lemon aroma. The effect is complex, affecting both physically and cerebrally.

This variety of Cannabis finishes its flowering cycle in only 8 or 9 weeks, growing indoors to a height of about 100-120 cm. Outdoors it can be harvested from late September to mid-October.

The production of Lemon Kush is high, reaching 1000 grams per plant outdoors in a temperate climate.

Critical Lemon Kush

Critical Lemon Kush is a marijuana strain that arises from the crossing of two of the most very special varieties, since on the one hand we have the Kritikal Bilbo Super lemon haze and on the other the Critical Lemon Kush, an exclusive crossing of HDIGW – How Do I Get Weed that we cannot reveal .

The Kritikal Bilbo brings together exceptional properties in terms of its very strong sweet and fruity flavor and also a rapid development like very few varieties on the market.

On the other hand, Critical Lemon Kush brings to this cross its incredible power along with those strong Critical Lemon Kush of gasoline, citrus and earth that are so successful in the cannabis world, with the special contribution of Confidential mother that will give it a purple color and fruity flavor. .

As a result we have the impressive Critical Lemon Kush in which we have been able to combine the best characteristics of each genetic.

Crop and yield

Critical Lemon Kush is an easy-to-grow that offers very good yields of a top-quality, powerful and extraordinarily tasty product.

plantations indoor reaches a medium height and develops its flowering during a period that can vary between 58 and 60 days , after which you can harvest about 550 grams per square meter .

If we work it outdoors we will have medium-sized plants with an open and highly branched structure with an amazing production capacity.

The Critical Lemon Kush will be able to reach 2 meters in height if we give their roots a good space, reaching yields that range between 700 and 900 grams per plant .

Given its relatively short flowering period, we can cut it at the end of September or the first days of October at the latest.

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Aroma and flavor

The aroma that emerges from the buds of Critical Lemon Kush will remind you tremendously of Bilbo with very sweet and fruity .

When you smoke it, you will feel that parental Kritikal but accompanied by very clear notes of fuel, citrus and earth that the OG provides, in short, a perfect combination that you will not tire of easily.

Effect and potency

The effects produced by Critical Lemon Kush are very powerful and long-lasting with an Indica dominance that will be noticeable shortly after lighting it.

genetics totally relaxing that will leave your body in absolute calm , will allow you to free your thoughts and let the mind forget the stress of the day.

Especially recommended to consume as a dessert after a long day of work. Even so, there are many consumers who are also passionate about tasting it at social gatherings, musical events or as a medicine to calm nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Critical Lemon Kush

How to grow Critical Lemon Kush?

The truth is that it is a simple variety, very valid for beginner growers who have not yet gained the necessary experience to work varieties with higher levels of demand.

A strain that asks for very little, with some basic but constant care you can obtain top quality buds full of aroma and power.

The only thing that should be noted is that due to the large size and density of its buds, it is important to protect them from humidity during the last phase of flowering to avoid possible fungal problems.

Origin of Critical Lemon Kush

This wonderful genetics arises from a cross between a super classic that you all know for its wonderful qualities and the most popular cannabis strains in the USA.

Critical Bilbo x Confidential North Cush

Without a doubt, it is a unique and fascinating creation that will soon occupy a place in the garden of any self-respecting grower.

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