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Know what’s Happening Today in Gig Economy for a Better Tomorrow

by fewritesu
Know What's Happening in Gig Economy for a better Tomorrow

Today’s rapid changes in Technology and the blasting Technology boom is the major deciding factor for economies too on a large scale. Technological boom does not pertain to just a field/industry or two but, it refers to the overall technological development. Let’s drop an eye on one such concept of the economy which is known as the Gig Economy. 

What is Gig Economy actually?

A gig economy is an economic model in which workers provide services or goods without being hired by an employer. Workers use technology to connect directly with customers. This type of work is often done as a side hustle or in addition to a regular job.

Gigs are jobs that last a specific amount of time. These gigs can be anything from a few hours to several months. This type of work is usually done online using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Freelance workers are becoming more popular as a new trend. Workers are now able to work from wherever they want. Employers can pick the best worker from a much bigger pool than they could before. Jobs and locations are being decoupled. This means that workers can take a job or a project anywhere in the world. 

Who is a Gig Worker?

A gig worker is an independent contractor who works for a company as a freelancer. Freelancing is the practice of working independently without being employed directly by another person or organization. An example of this is when you work as a freelance writer for a magazine or newspaper. 

Career Opportunities of Gig Economy?

Gig economy jobs include accounting and finance, independent consultants and mortgage representatives, administration, administrative assistants, art and design, musicians or graphic designers, construction, carpentry and other construction trades, education, substitute instructors and tutors, freelance writing, content writers and copywriters, information technology, project management, project or office manager jobs, software development, transportation, ride-hailing drivers.

Benefactors of Gig Economy:

The gig economy’s benefactors are businesses, workers and consumers.

Businesses save money and resources by not having employees. Businesses don’t have to pay for benefits or office space, equipment, or training as workers are hired for specific projects instead of being full-time employees.

Workers’ work-life balance is improved by letting independent workers select freelance jobs that they’re interested in. Workers don’t get stuck in full-time jobs that don’t interest them or have flexible schedules. The freelance jobs economy also lets workers choose what hours they want to work and avoids being locked into or dependent on a single company.

Consumers are provided with more flexibility and choice. Consumers often find that these models offer better quality and lower prices than traditional models. Service providers are also offered more flexibilities, and there are more options in service providers, as well as times and places of offering.

Be Choosy of your Freelance Jobs:

Despite all the advantages, the Gig Economy has considerable downsides, such as a lack of benefits, and work-life management challenges. Temporary jobs are hard to get and have a negative effect on your career. When there aren’t any other options, you’ll be stuck working as a temp forever. Freelance Jobs are mostly preferred unless it’s not necessary to be the primary source of income that is the major source of survival. Because many times consistency pays well than hopping around multiple opportunities. 

Find the Best Freelance Jobs:

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