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Kareri lake



The Kareri Lake, at an elevation of 2,934m, is located between tall trees and greenery-rich mountains. The Kareri River is crystal clear, thanks to the melting waters of icy glaciers.


The Kareri River’s water is breathtaking. The shimmering waters of the Kareri river reflect the unbent mountains and tall trees that are visible at first glance. It appears so pure that light can penetrate the water to its bottom, reflecting Kareri’s green vegetation in all its glory.


On its banks, the virginal lake is surrounded by boulders and small pebbles. The lake’s quiet surface is often surrounded by slippery and rough rocks.


The blue-coloured verdure is enhanced by the clear skies that look out over the lake. Passing clouds over the lake disrupt the tranquility of the observant skies and create a fairytale scenery.


Kareri Lake Trek Overview

Locality: Near Dharamshala

Easy difficulty level

Maximum elevation: 2,934 metres

Total Distance: 25 kilometres


Trek to Kareri Lake


Kareri lake, as captivating as it is. Many people visit Kareri lake throughout the year to enjoy the beautiful sight and transcendent feeling.


The trek begins at Kareri, the village from which Kareri Lake gets its name. The nearest town is Dharamshala which is 25km away. To reach the village, one must travel by road. You can meet the Gaddis, the village’s inhabitants, once you reach the village.


The rugged terrain leads you from the village through lush forests and open meadows. There is also native fauna that serves as companions for the trekkers. The next stop for tired trekkers is the Liyoti campsite.


You’ll be heading towards Kareri from Liyoti. Liyoti’s altitude is twice that at Kareri village. Trekkers can find Nyund Nallah, a small mountain stream, while trekking from the campsite. The stream gets its water from the beautiful lake that all trekkers desire. The flow continues climbing up the hillside until it reaches the Kareri lake.


Trekkers will be able to see the stunning landscape of lush verdure and unbending trees as they reach the lake. The enchanting Kareri Lake is a graceful sight under clear blue skies. The Dhauladhar mountains can be seen from the lake.


Major Attractions


  1. Ideal for children


Kareri lake, at an elevation of 2934m, is suitable for children over 10 years old. Because the trek is short and lasts for three days, it allows for both children and adults to rest and regain their energy before starting a new day. The weather is pleasant and enjoyable if you visit in the right season, especially for minors. It isn’t very steep or difficult and provides fair adventure for young, adventurous nomads.


2. The Ancient Temple


The temple on a hill nearby dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the most visited attractions near Kareri Lake. It is an old temple that offers a magnificent view of the lake.


3. Flora and Fauna at Lake


Kareri Lake’s fauna and flora are diverse. There are many species of birds and broad-life species in the forests. The beauty of verdure, crowned by graceful birds, can be captured. You will also find rocky grasslands, pines, and shrubs along the trail.


Kareri is best visited in the summer


The best seasons to trek to Kareri lake are spring and summer. It is pleasant with moderately warm days and cool nights. The vegetation and verdure is at its best with wildflowers and purple Rhododendrons all along the trail. The meadows and mountains are lush and green, and are home to tall, unbending trees.




The Kareri lake, nestled in the vast Dhauladhar ranges, is a place of poetry and beauty. Its beauty inspires poets and prose writers who find inspiration in its natural splendour. This trek is easy enough to be done by both children and adults, making it accessible to all ages.


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