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JPG to DST Conversion

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When you click pictures or save them on your digital devices, have you ever wondered about their formats? Every picture you see has different formats and each format has its own use. You may use pictures for printing, editing, capturing memorable moments, and much more. The images can be viewed on laptops, mobile, desktops along with other digital devices. This is the use of images in our everyday life but what about the embroidery? Can we use these standard images to print them on the fabric, caps, jackets, and other items?

Well, “NO” is the answer to the above question! The reason is that every embroidery machine has its own specific embroidery file without which it is not able to operate. Some of the popular files used are the DST, EMB, PES, JEF, and many more. These files are vector based and they are scalable as compared to the standard image formats like PNG, JPG, and many more. That’s why you will have to undergo JPG to DST online, PNG to JEF, JPG to PES, or any other conversion depending on your need.

In the following blog, we are going to explain all you should know when it comes to converting the files:

DST File – What to Know!

It is one of the popular formats for embroidery digitizing machines which is essential for working. The file contains all the instructions that will be completing the embroidery digitizing task. This format was introduced by Tajima which is one of the leading machine manufacturers. These modern machines are efficient and the majority of the operations are semi or fully automated as compared to the traditional machines. Now, the next question in the mind of the reader will be how modern machines are able to place the stitches in the correct position.

For the right placement of stitches, a DST file plays a significant role. Basically, the file is the controlling mechanism that handles all the things. It has all the instructions for the machines to perform functions like trim, jump, and stitch for the creation of a particular design according to the file. So, an embroiderer must need this file to complete the work.

As the DST is made using the standard formats, so there are a few which you might know about as well:

JPG: This image file comprises image data that is available in compressed form. The ratio of compression will be 10:1 and it saves a lot of image details. Sharing of images happens between the PC and mobile users. Moreover, it allows you to store thousands of images in a small space of your devices. For editing, you can easily use CorelDraw.


It is also called Portable Network Graphic and it is a raster file used on a large scale by web designers. The file is capable of handling the graphics with semi-transparent or transparent backgrounds. It is capable of handling 16 million colors which makes it unique from different files. You may use the files for logos that have transparent backgrounds along with online charts and graphics.


It is a vector file used by professionals to get the best quality for image printing. Mostly, PostScript printers and image setters use this and they develop a large number of detailed images such as billboard advertising, large posters, and various other marketing items. In addition, EPS has bitmap data that will help you to retain the individual coding on color and size. Due to this, it is able to maintain the resolution irrespective of the image’s size.

JPG to DST – How Conversion Happens?

As per the above discussion, the conversion is not as simple as it looks! DST file creation has to be done from the start to ensure that the quality of the file is good. One of the noticeable problems here is that not every person can do the technical things involved. A person has to possess certain years of experience to do the work. The need for a skilled person becomes more essential when you are working on commercial use designs. The complete process we are talking about here is called embroidery digitizing/ embroidery punching.

During the process, you have to improve the design of the software using your JPG, PNG, or any other standard format. The individual who does all the work is called an embroidery digitizer. He is the person responsible for placing the stitches, identifying stitch paths, and different parameters inside the software for different designs. This is the whole process in which the digitized format of design creation takes place. Note that the prepared file is the digitized version of the JPG image.

Now, you will have a better understanding of the process that is behind the conversion and you will be aware that you also need a good computer for the process. It is important to run the software otherwise the desired goal is not achieved. After this, the next important question here will be what various options can be used to get the JPG to DST online conversion.

JPG to DST Online – Conversion Options

The options that you can use for converting a JPG to DST online are as follows:

1- You can use an online converter tool by searching it on Google but that is not reliable. Most of the links will be taking you to ads or irrelevant websites and you will be left empty-handed.

2- You can buy an embroidery digitizing software that costs thousands of dollars and you also need a PC for that. This option is only suitable for those who want to pursue their career or want to work on embroidery designs in years to come. This option is not ideal for a person who wants to convert the file just once or a few times.

How to Find A Company for Service?

As you might be aware now that you need technical expertise to carry out the work along with the software and a good PC to run that software, so that’s not too easy for every person! Right? Well, if you don’t want to get into this and don’t want to spend the money, there is a better solution for you that you can consider! You should get in touch with a skilled company in your area to get file conversion services depending on the formats you need, not just the JPG to DST online.

To hire a company, you will have to do a search online. You can do it on Google or any other search engine. You will get the links to the websites of various companies and you can check a few to know about their services, their portfolio, and their years of experience a particular company possesses. In addition, you may check out their social media pages to get an idea of what their previous customers have to say or even their testimonial pages.

Once you are able to find two or three companies relevant to your work, you can get in touch with them, and ask about the price, turnaround time, or any other question that you might have in your mind. Remember that, you should compare the prices given by the companies to pick the one that is nearest to your budget. Some companies charge a flat rate and some per 1000 stitches.

That’s all you should know about the JPG to DST online conversion and selection of a company to get the service. Hire a professional company or buy the embroidery digitizing software other than that there is no good option available.

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