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Is University Admission too Competitive in 2022?

by Noellepuckett
University Admission too Competitive in 2022

Due to the past situation of the COVID-19, there was a lot of disruption in the academic life of the students. As the dust of covid-19 is setting and we are happily living post-pandemic life, there are some changes coming into our life, especially in the life of the students. The educational system changed from tip to toe and so has the process of getting admission to the school. However, the way of university admission will never go out of the style but it is a little bit the same. If you are praying for a long time that you don’t need to write a long dissertation in your final year and go straight with your degree then it is not. It is the same, you need to follow all the things to get your degree as you do before in your traditional class whether you need to buy dissertation UK.

The reason behind the struggle of 2022 to get admission to the university

The 2021 session has already affected in the final year but the 2022 session has disrupted 2 years of learning thanks to the ongoing pandemic situation. These two years are important in the students’ academic voyage. During these two years, the assessment takes place which determines which university the students get admission to. Undoubtedly these two years shape students’ lives.

In early 2020 many schools had canceled, postponed, or reduced extracurricular activities. As a result, many students’ potential is caged. It also heightens students’ worries about application letters, motivational letters, and personal statements. Many students have checked online dissertation help which increases their chances of getting admission.

COVID 19 is not the only reason behind it. In the last several decades, it has already become difficult for students to get admission to the four-year degree program in college or university. The growing number of applicants in the universities has doubled since the 1970s.

2022 is the most hyper-competitive season

It’s too early to say anything about what admission will look like this year. As soon as the universities release their admission statistics and decisions, we will see whether the application will rival or surpass the last year.

However, there is a new trend behind it, which is test-optional policies. In the U.S four year colleges are now test-optional or test blind policies by seventy-five percent which is up from 72 percent the last year so, it is too early to know what will be the admission look like this year. But it’s predicted according to the last statistics and signs of the universities that this year will be the most competitive in terms of the admission cycle.

The new trends that pose difficulties in 2022 university admission

There are four important trends that you need to consider before applying to university.

  1. Test optional policies are the norm now
  2. Demonstrated interest
  3. Waitlists are increasing
  4. Applications are escalating

   1. Test optional policies are the norm now

The test-optional policies have been there for a few decades. By the end of 2021, 65% of the degree programs are official test-optional in the United States. However, students get many advantages from these policies but many detractors believe that this policy only promotes the exclusivity of the university’s programs. A study conducted by the University of Georgia found that the test-optional policy in the university improves the median SAT scores by 26 points for the applicants. After all, all educational sectors are business.

   2. Demonstrated interest

During the world crisis from Covid-19, it has been seen a 7% drop in college-going rates in 2020 from the last year. Many universities or colleges around the world panicked. Due to this change, many universities become overprotective towards their reputation. Since educational sectors want to seem exclusive and elite so they did their best by continuing to charge generous fortunes to attend.

As a result, the demonstrated interest keeps tremendous power which enables students to tell the university admission department how willing they are to attend the university. That is the reason universities take demonstrated interest as an initiative for their “yield rate”. This only applies to those students who accept the offer for admission.

However, the university and college admission committee are keen to protect their yield rate after the crisis of the pandemic. So remember that your particular university’s admission officer truly needs you to have them.

   3. Waitlists are increasing

Universities’ waitlists are increasing and they are extremely active of late. However, the waitlist is the only reason for the university to protect itself from decreasing its yield rates. For example, recently Brown University has accepted 34 applicants from the waitlist out of the 1200 applicants. Furthermore, 127 applicants were accepted from the waitlist for the 2023 session, and 194 applicants were granted acceptance from the waitlist for the 2024 session. As a result, the waitlist worked in favor of Brown University and this university touched the high record yield rate by 69%.

   4. Applications are escalating

The overall volume of the applications has risen in terms of universities all around the world. Particularly in the U.S, the public university applications increased by 11% in 2021 as compared to the last year. While the private universities, applications are up by 17%. This competition is increased by the international students where countries like Pakistan, India, and Brazil increased the admission application at the rate of +29%, +39%, and +42%.

The above prevalence of the application shows how much there is a rise in the early admission application. Whereas the universities like Yale and Harvard accepted only 14% of early applications in 2020 and they accepted 8% of applications for the year 2022.

Wrapping up

Hence, the above blog hopefully mentioned that getting admission in 2022 is competitive. Since the competition has risen a great amount, it’s recommended simply apply to more universities to increase the chances of getting into any one of the universities. Make sure to be more selective with the particular university you want to pursue.

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