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Is Class 10 Chemistry Hard? Here are some Study tips to learn it better.

by martinvictor

Chemistry is a subject that you will either love or hate. Students often struggle to learn the periodic table, recall atomic numbers, calculate chemical formulas, and practice chemical reactions – we have all been there. We all have spent so much time thinking about why chemistry is so hard. How can I learn chemistry?”

You need to know that you are not alone in this journey; the other thing is that every expert once was a beginner. Chemistry is one of the toughest subjects,s but if you will adapt study techniques. Eventually, you will get better at it. Before telling you the best chemistry study techniques, let’s first understand why chemistry is so hard.

Why is Chemistry so hard?

  • Rooted in Basics:

Chemistry is a subject that you learn step by step. It means what you are studying now will be your foundation for the future. Therefore, if you are not clear or miss previous chapters, then it’s implausible that you will be comfortable in upcoming ones.

  • General Chemistry is both Logical and Abstract

Chemistry is the only science subject requiring logic building and abstract thinking. It involves a lot of mathematics and algebra to solve chemical equations. On the other hand, it introduces you to the vast world of atoms with their orbit and cells that determine how the particle will behave. 

Study Tips to Learn Chemistry Better:

Here we are going to share five tips for learning chemistry. It’s just not my opinion; if you follow these tips, you will see the difference. 

  • Assess Yourself:

The first step to becoming better at anything is to assess yourself objectively. Only you know your strengths and weaknesses. Take some time to find topics and chapters that are easy for you and identify challenging ones. The smart way to do this is to revisit your performance in the previous exam or solve any previous year’s question paper. And find out where you are comfortable and where you are lacking. This will give you an insight into where you should do more focus. 

  • Choose the Best Study Material:

After knowing about yourself, the second most important thing is to study from the best resource, which helps you to enhance your knowledge. You can join Physics Wallah Udan Batch 3.0 for Class 10th students. This course covered class 10 subjects, including science, mathematics, social studies, English, and Hindi. In addition, students should religiously study NCERT Book with NCERT Solution for Class 10 Science. NCERT Solution helps you to learn any topic better if you get stuck at some point, it will help you out.

  • Make Notes and Prepare Before Each Class

Attend classes, listen to your teacher, and make sure you are making notes. Write down all the important points explained by the teacher. Your notes don’t need sentences with perfect grammar. Make notes in bullet points as long as they include what is being taught in the classroom. If there is anything unclear, you can always refer to the textbook.

Studies have shown that writing down things help student to memorize them better and especially when you have dozens of formulas, reactions, theory in chemistry. Keep your notes neat, precise, and organized so that you don’t have to make so much effort when you need them. 

Another important thing is studying before class. It’s a tried and tested strategy. Always ask the teacher what he will teach in the upcoming class. And go through your chemistry textbook and learn that concept. This will help you to learn more efficiently during class hours. 

  • Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Paper: 

As important as learning is, it’s also important to practice. Solve every question available in the NCERT textbook. When you complete your syllabus, start solving Class 10 Science sample papers and Class 10 Science Previous Year Question papers. 

  • Don’t take Simple Topics For Granted:

While focusing on complex topics like balancing equations and carbon compounds, students tend to skip topics such as saponification, electron configuration, and the behavior of elements on the periodic table. It’s grounded, non-confusing, and very easy to understand. So prepare well and secure your score.                    


Sometimes a subject can be tough for students because they aren’t interested in it. And it’s totally fine. Never forget to take the time to appreciate your efforts. Try to recognize how far you have come. Not only will this motivate you, but it will boost your confidence and help you grow and excel over time.       

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