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Is Breast Enhancement Surgery Safe?

by dipaliroy
Breast Enhancement Surgery

With more women wanting to look and feel great, they frequently opt for breast enhancement surgery. It is an ideal way that helps to increase the size of small breasts along with keeping them in shape. Thus, it can be said that this is quite a safe procedure since thousands of women globally opt for it each year. Therefore, one should go through the pros and cons of breast enhancement surgery to understand whether it is safe.

Pros of breast augmentation

There are ample reasons why more women who lack the option to grow breasts naturally are opting for breast enhancement nowadays. However, the points mentioned below show the major advantages of getting breast enhancement surgery. Take a look!

Long-lasting procedure

One of the things that make women go for this surgery is its long-lasting aspect. Both silicone or saline implants won’t last forever but do give girls numerous years before they need to decide whether they want to remove or replace them. Most implants or breast enhancement do last for 10 years or longer if an ideal and licensed surgeon does it.

Also, a replacement can be done anytime that is convenient for a person. It doesn’t have to be the case where it leaks or something but can replace due to several reasons. Though it lasts a decade, women do change the size to go smaller or a bit larger with age; thus, such changes or replacements might be needed.

Increases confidence and more

One of the primary reasons for women opting for this surgery is because they feel self-conscious due to their small breast size. Research showed that women do feel embarrassed sometimes if they are seen as “flat-chested”.
Moreover, often after breastfeeding a baby, women get to a point that leads to saggy and deflated breasts. In addition, even if their breast were full before they started breastfeeding, they can transform into saggy.

Whether due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, or small breast, opting for breast enhancement surgery gives a girl the confidence they need. Studies show that girls with augmented breasts have increased self-esteem as well as happier in their life. Furthermore, with more ways to prevent the risk of breast cancer and modern technology available, women seem to be more confident about getting their breasts enhanced.

Customized to one’s need

Breast enhancement isn’t like a single size is applicable for all. The doctor and his/her patient work together for surgical options, treatment plans, etc. to ensure that a woman has a breast of an ideal shape and size. Implants are placed on one’s chest muscle’s top portion but beneath the mammary gland; however, some patients also opt for implants, which are positioned to cover partly by muscle.

Furthermore, a surgeon will always ask the patient to choose the size of an implant. When choosing one, women are advised to select a size, which will match the frame and height of their natural breasts instead of going too big or too small.


There are no cons available for breast enhancement surgery. Due to advancements in technology, procedure, treatment, etc., there are no cons of this surgery. However, if one has to point out a con, it can be the healing time. It often takes a long period to heal completely and a woman has to follow all instructions her doctor recommends for the ultimate results.

Thus, it can be easily stated that breast enhancement surgery is quite safe and offers numerous benefits. It is an easy way for women to increase their confidence and more, without having to worry about any side effects as long as a licensed doctor does the job.

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