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Instructions To Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Online

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Mega Millions is among the biggest lottery games in the USA, which is played across 46 states and jurisdictions. Its draw happens twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights. Most of the people play it for its huge jackpot price, which is a minimum of INR 279.40 crores. In the case of rollovers, it increases further to astronomical amounts. The lottery holds the record for the third largest jackpot in the world, which took place on 23rd October 2018. The prize money was of INR 11900 crores and a South Carolina ticket holder won it.

It is a no-brainer that with such huge amounts of jackpots associated with it, people get motivated to play it. Moreover, the online platform has made it possible for people staying in far off places like India to participate in all major international lotteries through its portal.

It is said that the lottery is a game of chance and only the super lucky people win enormous lottery jackpots. The fact is that by following some tips and strategies one can actually increase their winning odds. Here are some sure-fire tips on winning the online Mega Millions lottery in India.

Mega Millions, as the name suggests, is the bigwig of them all.

Live your dream by grabbing your winning ticket and dance your way into victory.

Mega Millions consists of predicting six numbers of the winning ticket accurately.

Choose the former five ranging from 1-70 and one mega ball number falling between 1-25.

Choose a quick pick to generate the last digit randomly.

If you cannot make up your mind about what to choose, assign this task to quick pick. The terminal is well trained to generate all numbers randomly for every user.

The results are announced on every Tuesday and Friday at 10:12pm CST. You cannot buy tickets during draw time or in the break prior to that.

Buy your tickets online.

Now that you know what the game is about, follow our tips and instructions on playing it right.

Just The Jackpot

There is a wager that you can opt for while playing, I.e. Just the jackpot.

This feature means that if your ticket is not chosen in the draw, you are not eligible for any subsidiary prizes or games.

It is a direct hit or miss with the jackpot alone.

Choose the MegaPly Option

Whenever you play the Mega Millions lottery, the odds are one in a million to strike the right combination.

However you can get luck to work in your favour by choosing the MegaPly option.

By opting for this feature, you allow yourself to be in the pool of tickets that are eligible for smaller prizes other than the jackpot itself.

To do this, you need to select the YES option under MegaPlier.

The algorithm will choose a Number for you from the gamut of 1-15.

Any number that is generated as a result will be multiplied to the prize that you win against this ticket. All this is only at an extra cost of $1.

Multiple Draws

Allow your ticket to be a part of multiple draws.

Check the box while picking your ticket and increase your odds of emerging the winner. This will position your ticket across boards A to E.

Each draw will cost you $2.

Grand Prize Payment Option

While you purchase your ticket, you also have to choose how you want to be paid in case you win. Currently there are two options.

Annual payments: Mark the annual payments option if you wish to receive your grand prize in 30 annual instalments.

Annual payments are not equal. Each payment is greater than the previous year.

Cash option: Choose this if you want to receive the jackpot in a single payment.

One thing to remember is that the pay-out you receive will be lesser than the advertised amount and the annual payment option.

You cannot change your preference once you have selected the pay-out option.

It is imperative to mark the pay-out option since tickets without it are rejected.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the prize money or play without careful planning.

Be mindful of the time and resources to optimise your chances.

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