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Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant With Ovulation Tracker

by SalenaMartine
Ovulation tracker

Getting pregnant is not as easy as some people like to tell; for an average 30-year-old woman, she might have only 20 % of chance to get pregnant. There is nothing to worry about; you would require some months to get the “Good News.” So do not lose hope, and try all that you can.

Did You Know: a couple who are between the age of 25-30 are recommended to at least try for one year before visiting an IVF Centre in Punjab to learn about the fertility issue. And a couple who are above the age group of 35 must try for at least six months before losing hope.

It is a hormonal change wherein the immature eggs mature and grow in the ovary. When the mature eggs mix with the sperm, the process leads to the women getting pregnant.

Do keep in mind not every woman’s cycle is the same; it definitely differs from each other. Hence the result would also be different.

Please note that the Test tube baby cost would vary according to your requirements. It would be beneficial to visit a hospital.

Tips to Increase The Chances Of Getting Period

The best way to increase your chance of getting pregnant is by ensuring that you have intercourse at the time of ovulation. Through this, you would know that the sperm is in the fallopian tube when the mature eggs are released. As the sperm could live in it for up to 4-5 days, fertilization is easy.

It will be easier to track your ovulation period if you have regular periods. On average, ovulation occurs around two weeks before the period.

But if you have irregular periods, it might be a little too complicated for you to keep track of your ovulation period. But do not worry, some methods are precisely made to help you record it.

Ovulation Tracker Techniques

  • Ovulation predictor kit: a similar technique used to know about your pregnancy. In an ovulation predictor tracker, you would have to urinate in the test strip in the morning when you think you might ovulate, as the test strip helps in detecting LH (Luteinizing Hormone). This hormone comes out before your ovulation.

If the test turns out to be positive, try to have sex on that day and the following days. This might help in increasing the chances.

You could easily get this test strip at any over-the-counter pharmacy store.

  • Basal body temperature: keeping a record of your basal body temperature each morning right after you get out of bed might help you detect a slight decrease in your body temperature than a slight rise. It might signify you are ovulating, so do not miss any chance.

Seek Professional Help If Unsuccessful

Remember, these techniques might help you to a certain period, but if you are suffering from any kind of infection or underlying health issues, it is highly recommended you seek professional help. Apart from that, you must also have a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a proper weight and good eating habits.

Final Comments

Gem hospital and IVF Center is a reliable place for you to seek help for your infertility issue.

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