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In Vitro Fertilisation

by sana javeed

In Vitro Fertilisation

There are just no symptoms of infertility apart from the fact that a couple was unable to conceive naturally even after trying to get pregnant for a year. However, there are some particular conditions which may affect your fertility such as, PCOS, cancer/treatment of cancer, sperm disorders, etc. The most successful treatment for infertility is IVF.

In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) is an assisted reproductive technique (ART) that has been labelled as a breakthrough treatment to aid couples struggling to conceive. The word in vitro means outside the human body, the word is used in contrast to the term in vivo which means taking place inside an organism. Hence, in vitro fertilization is a procedure which takes place outside the human body in laboratories under required conditions. IVF has helped numerous couples in becoming parents.


Cost of IVF in Pakistan is not recommended straightaway. The couple struggling to conceive has to undergo a series of diagnoses before a treatment can be recommended to them. However, for women above the age of 40 years, it is recommended as a primary treatment. Other than that, it is usually recommended when the cause of infertility is sperm disorders, damaged fallopian tubes, or other conditions which are not otherwise treatable to let you conceive naturally.


Although IVF is a breakthrough and scientifically advanced treatment but similar to other treatments it also contains risks and complications such as premature birth, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, multiple pregnancies and very rare birth defects. However, if we look at the brighter side, IVF has one great advantage which is worth all the risks and complications in the world i.e., parenthood.

IVF Treatment in Pakistan

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre was established in 1998. At the time of its establishment hardly three other IVF centres were available in the country. Since its establishment, Australian Concept’s IVF Clinics has worked hard and left no stone unturned in making IVF Pakistan a huge success. No wonder today Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is the largest and most successful IVF centre in Pakistan.

Besides, experience and qualified doctors, it uses the latest technologies with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure for successful infertility treatments. Today, its clients and the determination of its team have made it the best IVF centre in Pakistan. Australian Concept’s Karachi IVF Clinic was the first one of all its branches. To date, it is contributing greatly to the success of IVF Pakistan.

It is having excellent international standard facilities along with the most qualified and experienced infertility specialists of the country. Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic in Karachi is undeniably the best IVF center in Karachi as it has the highest success rate of infertility treatments in the city. It provides individualized treatment and focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of its clients.

Its staff and a team of doctors are groomed and well aware of the painful points therefore, they handle each stage of your case with utmost care and diligence. If you’re facing fertility issues, then without any delay you should visit Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic for desired results.

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