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Importance of Organic Lotion for Skin Health

by GloriaMatthews
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The best way to find a body lotion that will moisturize and nourish your skin without putting nasty chemicals on it? Look for natural ingredients. Some of our favorites include lanolin, shea butter (get the benefits from both), coconut oil or olive oil!

Organic Body lotion is an essential part of every body’s beauty routine, but did you know that organic skin care products can be just what the doctor ordered for healthier-looking locks?

How to find the best natural skin care products for your body

In today’s market, there are hundreds of salves and butters available that promise moisturized healthy-looking skin. However many contain ingredients such as parabens or fragrances which can negatively impact our health when applied topically on the surface layer of cells in contact with it over time – this includes you! In order to avoid any detrimental effects from these harsh chemicals being put onto your sensitive organ system (you know what I’m talking about), try looking instead at more trusted brands who use safer components like pure plant oils rather than synthetic ones found within commercial grade fragrance houses so they don’t irritate.

So, you want to know how switching from synthetic lotion can make your skin softer? You have come across the right place!

1. Organic Lotion Ingredients Encourage Healthy Skin

The best organic skincare products are made with at least 70% natural ingredients, including water or salt.

Shea butter is extremely hydrating and helps to reduce dryness, flakiness, and redness.

Sunflower seed oil is strong in vitamin E and absorbs quickly.

Glycerin from vegetables keeps skin smooth and supple while also trapping in moisture.

Aloe vera calms inflammation, redness, and irritated skin while fighting bacteria.

Vitamin E (typically derived from tocopheryl acetate) is a powerful antioxidant and hydrator.

2. Organic Lotions Don’t Use Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can either mimic or inhibit hormone function. Studies show they have harmful effects on the body, especially when it comes to hormones like testosterone which is an important contributor in regulating things such as growth rates and fat distribution among other key functions.


But many people are unaware that these preservatives can be harmful to your skin.

A chemical found in beauty products, para-benzoyl benzoic acid has been linked with allergies and irritation for those who have sensitive skins or digesters prone towards acne breakouts! The good news is there’s an easy way you could protect yourself – just look out when purchasing any product containing it on their label: if available choose one without Beauty Packaging Parabens listed first so they don’t sneak into other ingredients at back stage where manufacturers often add them anyway without our knowledge until its too late!.

The use of short-term butylparaben was found to have adverse effects on male rats’ reproductive systems. Other topical side Effects included pain and itchiness, which are both uncomfortable for humans as well!


Phthalates are found in many products that you may purchase, including plastic bottles and fragrances. These chemicals have been linked to a variety of health problems such as cancer or early onset puberty for females; obesity among both populations (male & female) ; inhibitions on development during infancy time-frame up until toddler years – this is why it’s important to keep them away from your little ones!


The production of certain plastics can lead to serious health problems in infants and children, including brain damage.

3. Organic Lotions Don’t Contain Artificial Fragrances or Perfumes

Have you ever noticed the scent of your favorite perfume or cologne and felt fortunate that it matched what was on sale at checkout? Artificial fragrances are found in most personal care products, but due an FDA loophole they often don’t have to list any chemicals used for fragrance. That means there could be hundreds!

Made from the purest ingredients, our organic baby lotions are delicately scented with lavender and pink grapefruit. Made for your little one’s delicate skin to keep them feeling fresh all day long!

4. Organic Body Lotions Support Natural Moisturizing Properties

Healthy skin is something we all strive for. It’s the first step in feeling confident and beautiful! But sometimes, our pores can get clogged with germs or acne scars from previous breakouts – which leaves you unsure on what exactly caused this thinning condition of yours (or if it even will go away). Well I’ve got some good news: natural oils are rich enough to restore your stratum corneum layer back up again so that these pesky blemishes don’t have any room left within them; while vitamins A & E help promote healing at an accelerated pace making those nasty zits disappear faster than they ever did before.

The natural oils and vitamins in this skin care product will keep your wounds healthy, promote wound healing while restoring the stratum corneum.

5. Organic Body Cream Doesn’t Contain Synthetic Materials

The chemicals in your lotion and personal care products may be making you sick.

-Many mainstream brands contain harmful ingredients such as ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol or denatured alcohol – all of which can irritate the skin!  You should choose natural alternatives instead like coconut oil.

Preservatives like BHA & BHT

The chemicals bha and HT aren’t welcome in your skin. They’ve been linked with organ toxicity, reproductive harm (including birth defects), and even skin irritation!

BHA/BHT can come from anything that has synthetic fragrances like lotions or perfumes; they’re also found naturally occurring within some plants such as soybean oil flowers.


Formaldehyde is a chemical found in many products as an ingredient or preservative. It’s been linked to cancer and severe respiratory problems, so it should be avoided at all costs!

Wholesome Provisionz takes safety seriously. Our products are free from harmful chemicals and enjoy a powerful track record in the industry, with many glowing reviews to back it up!

A company can’t be trusted if they don’t take care of their customers – which is why we use natural preservatives like ethylhexylglycerin or phenoxyethanol instead of those synthetic ones you find elsewhere on store shelves these days (think parabens).

Choose Wholesome Provisionz Organic Lotion for Soothed Skin

Whether you’re looking for natural baby lotion or an all-purpose moisturizer, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our Organic Baby Lotion is made from organic ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter in addition to jojoba oil which naturally keep your skin soft plus restore balance with their soothing properties!

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