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Importance of keeping away from a fad diet

by sherryeppili
Importance of keeping away from a fad diet

Often, we come across articles or advertisements claiming miraculous weight loss in a short period. They also sometimes mention that there will be no heavy exercise or physical movement to complete the job. Such claims scream red flags. The reason is that it is either a scam or requires a strict unrealistic diet that would cater to the weight loss needs but leaves you undesirable long-term effects. Such diets are called fad diets.

How to decide if it is a fad diet?

Today, it is difficult for working professionals to take time out of their busy schedules specifically to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While there are various wellness programs for corporates, some arranged by the employers themselves, following them with dedication is a struggle. Hence, they switch to a diet plan that requires eating only specific food items and not eating for long periods.

This is followed by a meal that does not provide the required nutrients, going days without an adequate protein intake, cutting out carbs completely, and even going on liquid-only diets. If your diet plan includes one of these, you have fallen prey to the fad diet ideology. Many well-known fitness experts like Vijay Thakkar have stressed the importance of maintaining a safe distance with fad diet plans.

Let us understand how these fad diets are ineffective in the long run:

  1. Psychological effects

It is not uncommon for people to follow a fad diet and see no desirable results. This is mostly because such diet plans are unrealistic, and people starve themselves for days and binge eat. They gain weight, which opens doors for various psychological problems like disrupted sleep patterns, stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc. Often people see the results of these diets, but the plans are displeasing, and they remove people’s energy.

  1. Dull appearance

Other common indications of diet change are dull skin, brittle nails, excessive hair fall, and the appearance of dark circles and eye bags due to a disturbed sleep cycle. Such indications also contribute to lower confidence, making you feel inferior.

  1. Weakness

The inadequate protein intake in fad diets often leads to muscle loss. People start feeling tired, irritated, and weak. Thus, various wellness programs for corporates emphasise strength training to avoid fatigue and vulnerable immune systems and target muscle development in working professionals.

  1. Other health effects

In the future, an unbalanced diet can lead to other health complications like acidity, gallstones, blood pressure, etc. Hence, it is essential to keep away from fad diets, focus more on balanced meals, and boost strength to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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