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HVAC Tips When Your Ducts Run Amok

by BrookeChaplan

Your ducts are responsible for moving cold and hot air through your home or business, keeping everyone comfortable all year round. Think of them as your home’s circulatory system. Ductwork is a key part of any HVAC system, but sometimes it can run into serious problems. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your ducts working as intended this winter. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Just like other components of a heating and cooling system, it is important to schedule annual maintenance for your ductwork so that an HVAC technician can inspect for leaks and repair any damage that may have occurred over the last year. This will help prolong the life of your AC unit and improve efficiency during its operation. If you have never had routine maintenance performed on your ductwork before, now is a great time to start. 

Check Your Insulation 

Insulation plays another crucial role in making sure heat stays inside or outside (depending on whether you are using cooling or heating) where it belongs rather than escaping into areas where it is not needed or desired. The right level of insulation is essential throughout the entirety of homes but particularly important when talking about circulation systems such as plumbing pipes or ductwork which helps circulate both hot and cold air around your living spaces via vents placed strategically throughout each room. 

Replace Your HVAC Filter as Necessary 

Though this is a vital one, you would be surprised how often people forget to do this simple task. If your air filter is left replaced, it can have major impacts on the efficiency of your system, as well as the quality of air being circulated throughout each room. A clean filter allows for optimal airflow and can help prolong the life of your unit by preventing dirt and debris from building up inside of it, so be sure to check yours at least once per month (more often if you have pets that shed hair frequently) and replace it with a new one whenever needed in order to keep things running smoothly. 

If you find that your ducted air conditioning system continues to function poorly, even after performing the necessary maintenance steps, it could be a good idea to ask for a general inspection. Get in touch with local licensed specialists and see what a difference they can make for your system, especially during the hotter and colder months of the year. 

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